There are many different approaches to betting. Below, MetaReviews experts take a look at how to make money using proven strategies.

Value Betting

This approach is more suitable for those players who have been following a certain sport for a long time and are well versed in it. This will allow us to independently determine the favorite in the match.

Value Betting’s job is to find undervalued events. Let’s take the Bayern – Liverpool clash as an example. The bookmaker believes that the German club is the favorite, so there are odds of 1.5 for its victory in the Champions League, but the British are outsiders, so their victory is estimated at 3.0.

Yet, if you conduct a detailed analysis, it turns out that Liverpool have much more chances of winning than the bookmaker thinks, which means that it is more profitable to bet on the English club in this game.

Often along with this strategy, an approach called the Flat betting is used. For all events, we bet always the same size bet over a long period. If the bank has noticeably increased, for example, by 2 times, then the size of the bet can be increased. And if the bankroll decreases – the player begins to bet less, so the probability of completely draining the capital noticeably decreases.


To use this approach, we need to register with several bookmakers at once. Our task is to bet on different outcomes of the same event at different bookmakers to make a profit regardless of the result.

Among the advantages of arbitrage betting is almost guaranteed earnings, the only risk is that the company may refuse to pay winnings. This is the method often used to make money on sports betting for those players who do not know how to analyze events properly.


One of the most aggressive strategies, which involves constantly increasing the size of the initial bet in case of loss. For example, we bet 100 rubles and lost. Our task now is to win back the previous bet and make money.

For overtaking, the Martingale system is most often used. For the first time, this approach was used in a casino – if you lose, the size of the bet is doubled. For example, we bet $100 on black, if the bet loses, we bet $200 next time. In case of a victory, the amount of the winnings will be $400 – a net profit of $100. If we are not lucky, then next time we make a bet for $400 and so on.

Martingale is also suitable for betting since there are a lot of selections with odds of 2 or higher. It is enough for us to select them and in case of loss, constantly double the size of the bet.

Is it possible to live off betting using only this strategy? Yes, it is simple for beginners, if you adhere to a few rules:

  1. The size of the initial bet is very small so that a series of defeats does not lead to a complete loss of funds, and we have a repeated opportunity to win back by overtaking;
  2. Choosing the outcomes in which you are most confident, you should not bet on every event with odds of 2 without preliminary analysis, as the probability of a protracted series of defeats will be minimized.

Other options for making money on bets

Not all players prefer to play fair. In search of a desire to rise at the expense of bets, we are ready to cheat bookmakers or other players.

Bonus hunting

Players register in different offices for the bonus. The deposit is given n-amount of funds that must be wagered according to certain conditions. If you manage to win a certain number of times, then part of the funds can be withdrawn.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting that the size of the bonus is always equal to the amount of the initial deposit. Also, such a promotion from the bookmaker is aimed at new players. Some users try to cheat the bookmaker and register new accounts all the time. But, if such actions are detected, all player accounts will be immediately banned without the right to withdraw funds.

Bookmakers’ mistakes

When making up the lines, the bookmaker may make a mistake, for example, setting a high odds on the favorite of the match. Players are often tempted to take advantage of such an opportunity, but the office then withdraws this bet and returns the money to the player.

If you abuse this approach and deliberately bet only on such misunderstandings in the line, the bookmaker can completely ban the account.

Fixed matches

Of course, fixed matches do happen in sports, but information about them before the game is unlikely to appear on the Internet. This is how scammers try to make money, selling supposedly insider information about match-fixing.

Bookmakers can easily find such anomalous bets when a large number of people bet on high odds. After such cases usually start investigations. Is it possible to earn on match-fixing? No, it isn’t.