What springs to mind when you think of golfers? Men in colorful trousers…businessmen closing deals on the golf course…. retirees enjoying their free time? While some of these stereotypes have truth in them, did you know that more women than ever before are entering the world of golf? 

For many women, the idea of stepping foot on the golf course can certainly feel like an overwhelming prospect. There’s a lot to learn, etiquette to get your head around and plenty of equipment to invest in – click here for the best golf clubs for women. However, trying something new and engaging, such as a new hobby in 2021, could be the perfect way to ring in the new year, get some exercise and find a new passion. But if you’re still unsure if golfing is for you, check out these strong reasons why women should take up golf in 2021.

Embrace the outdoors

For some of us, the most time we spend outdoors is during the morning commute or even the school run. Golfing, however, gets you out and about, enjoying the fresh air. It’s proven that spending time outdoors reduces your blood pressure and lowers your stress levels, so whether you manage to hit a few balls at the driving range first thing on a morning, or you enjoy 18 holes in an afternoon with friends, you can enjoy the beauty and sense of calm that comes with the golf course. You simply don’t get it with any other sport.


Sometimes, those sweaty work out sessions, waiting for machines to become vacant, or feeling intimidated by other people in the gym can make exercising difficult and not very enjoyable. However, when it comes to golfing, women can experience an elevated heart rate and an excess of steps – in some cases walking for up to 5 hours in a game. You’ll be so engrossed with your swing and your game, you won’t even realize how often you smash those exercise goals. 

The social side

Of course, golf can be serious, but there’s a lot of fun to be had when you hit the golf course or driving range with your friends. A quick 9-hole round of golf topped off with a gorgeous lunch and a few drinks at the country club is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your friends. 

A hobby that travels with you

Planning on going on holiday next year? Why not take your hobby with you and pack those golf clubs? There are hundreds of thousands of golf courses across the globe, so why not try as many as you can? 

Exercise your mental muscles

As physical as golf can be, ultimately, it’s a game that requires mental agility. You need to stay focused and remain composed throughout the process. Every shot and outcome is essential to your victory, you need to exercise caution and build on your skills, planning ahead and building on that muscle memory. There’s no better mental workout than a round of golf.