The former Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool striker has scored seven goals and had 4 assists in 16 appearances for Trabzon. He signed a three-year contract for the Turkish squad in August last year. However, the contract was terminated after only eight months. 

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Breached the rules

The ex-striker arrived in Turkey as a free agent after his contract with Liverpool expired. However, before signing the contract, he had to serve a sentence because he was actually banned from playing professional football. He was banned for six weeks (four of which were conditional), and fined a £75,000 for breaching a no-bet rule. The main reason behind this ban was obvious. Sturridge provided his family with inside information on his own transfers for betting purposes. 

His troubles did not end with only that. Just today, FA revealed the appeal board’s decision to incese the ban to four months which means he won’t be able to participate in any football match utill 18 June, 2020. They also doubled his fine and he has to pay additional a £ 75,000. 

Incorrect insider information

The saddest part of all is that Sturridge actually provided misleading information and that transfer did not happen at all.  As an independent regulatory commission concluded, Sturridge had given his brother Leon “insider information” in January 2018, advising him to bet on his transfer from Liverpool to Seville. It was supposed to be a loan but it did not happen and Sturridge went in West Bromwich Albion. This player is just unlucky. Not only that he provided his brother with false info but he actually had to pay an additional fine and was banned from football. He also made his brother lose money on gambling. 

Anyway, Sturridge is now once again a free agent. However, there are no open transfer windows and he will have to wait for the summer transfer deadline. The alternative will be to go into MLS where the transfer window starts at May 5. Unfrotunately for him, FIFA has confirmed that the suspension will be of worlwide effect so there are no alternatives for this young fella. The official statement of FA was: „Daniel Sturrige has been suspended from all football and football-related activity from today until the end of 17 June 2020.“