Following on from the accomplishment of 2018’s Are You Gonna Bingo battle, which overwhelmed bingo news, Sun Bingo has collaborated with The&Partnership and Pulse Creative, the News UK’s organization, alongside comedic genius Jayde Adams to deliver another video blog. The brief creation is known as The world’s first Sun Bingo Vlog.


In 2019, Adams’ character Jaz has made her own one of a kind bingo-based vlog, taped in her room with the hesitant assistance of her two closest companions. In the show, Jaz acquaints fans with ‘Mystic Megan’, (her mate with a purple sheet hung over her head), who can’t anticipate which balls will be called. At that point, there’s Ted, a “legend in the bingo network” whose section ‘Ted Talks’ self-destructs when he loses the capacity to talk the minute he’s placed before the camera. All through the seven-minute high jinx’s, the most recent bingo news is talked about (a request for square bingo balls has arrived at 19 marks), and rivalries utilizing prizes found in the carport are run.


The&Partnership creative director, Danny Hunt added: “Last year we made the world’s first grime track about Bingo. This year we thought it might be equally ridiculous to make the world’s first vlog… as it turned out, being a bingo vlogger isn’t as easy as it looks.”


The Sun’s head of bingo and games, The Sun, Hannah Swales said: “Sun Bingo players love our fun, light-hearted, down-to-earth brand of Bingo, and this work reflects that – building on the humor and energy that worked so well for us last year.” See the Numbers found on the Sun Bingo newspaper today.