According to USA Today, the Phoenix Suns never actually pursued DLo because they thought he’d be a bad influence on Devin Booker off the court.

“The Suns chose not to pursue Russell despite Devin Booker’s campaign for them to target his close friend, according to league sources familiar with the situation.”

“The Suns apparently felt Russell wouldn’t have been a good influence on Booker off the court.”

USA Today reports that Phoenix’s primary target was Terry Rozier, but he landed in Charlotte as part of the sign-and-trade that sent All Star point guard Kemba Walker to the Boston Celtics

The Suns instead chose to go after veteran Ricky Rubio, who signed a three-year $51 million deal.

Do the Suns know something about D-Lo that no one else does? 

Now D-Lo is supposedly getting shipped out of Golden State.

NBA Free Agency is crazy. 

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