Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will return to the bench in 2018, whether that’s Week 1 or not will depend on Carson Wentz’s recovery from a knee injury.  When he does, he’ll make history as the first Super Bowl MVP in history to return to a backup role the following season.

While Foles says he will quietly return to the bench, he admits that it will be a test for him, via Pro Football Talk

“I sort of look at it as this,” Foles said, his car taking him up the West Side Highway in Manhattan to a book-signing in New Jersey. “The good Lord’s equipped me to handle this situation. Are there gonna be moments where it’s tough because I’m a competitor? Yes. But that’s where I have to lean on my faith. There’s a lot of great growth that goes on with it. I’ll be able to show my daughter down the road that with these opportunities that arise, there’s trials, and challenges. I sort of get excited because it’s really gonna test my heart. It’s gonna test who I am.’’

It is a test indeed.  Especially in a league that has several teams who could use a Nick Foles type starting for them next season.  Either way Foles has a pretty good paycheck coming his way next season.