Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim will be coaching on Saturday night when the Orange take on Duke at home.  Athletic director John Wildhack made the announcement on Friday afternoon, just a couple of days after the 74-year-old was involved in a fatal car accident.


“The Jimenez family has suffered a tremendous loss,” Wildhack said in a statement. “Our community is shaken. The Boeheim family is heartbroken over what happened, as we all are. This is a very difficult time. I know that Coach Boeheim’s players gain strength from him, just as he gains strength from his players. Our entire community gains strength from each other.

“With this in mind, and after thoughtful consideration, I have respectfully decided that Coach Boeheim will resume his coaching duties later today and will coach in tomorrow night’s game against Duke. We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to the Jimenez family as they continue to mourn this tragic loss.”

Tough spot to be in for everyone involved.  You really hate it for the family of the person who lost his life.  But life does go on and if Boeheim didn’t commit any crime then he should be allowed to resume his normal life.

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