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So everyone by now has probably heard about Teanna Trump’s interview.

Not only did she say she spill the tea about an NBA player she slept with when she was sixteen, she also talked about another incident.

She did acknowledge that she’s been considering calling out a “famous athlete” she allowed to log into her social media accounts, only to find him fishing for men.

“I’ve been thinking about it,” Trump said when asked if she’s considering outing the latter athlete, who she later confirmed was also in the NBA.

She continued:

“No, he went on there messaging men — hey, messaging men acting like me — but he was like, ‘I got a new number, hit me up, I got a new iPhone 10.’ And he would message them, ask them for videos.”

Trump further claimed that the unnamed NBA star posed as her while trying to get other men to send videos of them masturbating or having sex with women.

“Swear to God,” Trump said.

“But no one would ever know because I don’t follow anybody,” Trump said. “I’m not even kidding — and f–k you, you know who you are. I’m so pissed off about that s–t right now.”

Now we may have some evidence on who the athlete in question may be.

We received these leaked photos.

Check them out below:

Now this isn’t exactly a smoking gun, but it’s very telling.

Lance is suspect.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Check out more pics of Teanna below: 

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