Taking care of your health and fitness is one of the best ways of improving your quality of life. There are many ways in which the modern world make it difficult to keep on top of your fitness.

With more and more businesses electing to start working from home, people are getting even less exercise because their commute has been eliminated from their routine. What is more, working from home can easily blur the line between work and personal lives – people quickly start working more hours, and end up giving themselves less time to fit in exercise.

The good news, if you are a tech-head, is that there are lots of great ways in which technology is making exercise easier for the modern working person, and also more effective. We spoke with TechQuarters, who are one of the top IT Support Companies based in London, about the importance of health and fitness and how technology helps. The company has a great history in this area – the company has taken part in several triathlons in the past, and the CEO is an avid cyclist and golfer.

There are a few ways in which technology can help with workouts. There is smart equipment you use for your workout; wearable technology gives you valuable performance data; there are even a range of apps and software that can help you with your fitness goals.

Smart Equipment

This is probably the type of tech people are least familiar with. Smart equipment can be anything from smart jump ropes that track your jump count, calories burned, and the overall length of your workout. Then there are products like Peloton and Zwift – at-home exercise bikes that allow you to connect to the internet and allow you to take part in live courses, or take on virtual cycling routes; this is all to exercise more engaged and stimulating, and make you feel like you’re part of something as you’re exercising.

Wearable Tech

You have probably seen all sorts of wearable tech the last few years – one of the most popular are Apple Watches. But there are lots of wearable devices that are designed purely for fitness purposes; the most famous of these is probably FitBit, one of the first wearable devices on the market. These types of devices are designed to record useful data – such as your heartrate, your step count, and some are even able to measure your blood-oxygen levels. Most of wearable devices have a complementary app which stores the data, and provides insights on your health and performance. These kinds of devices are pretty affordable, and are a great way of working out in a smarter way.

Tech-guided Health

The easiest way to enhance your fitness with technology is by using Health and fitness apps on your phone. There are many different apps to choose from, depending on what you want them for. For example, let’s say you have an office job, or you work from home, and you want to be more active throughout the day – there are lots of apps that give you reminders to get up and stretch; some even offer mini workouts that you can fit into your breaks at work. Then there are dedicated workout apps, like the Nike Fitness App or the Nike Running App; or perhaps you’d like an app that offers short yoga courses to help your strength and flexibility. The options are nearly endless, and if you are truly committed, then health and fitness is really only a click away.