Tennis is widely recognized as the most popular individual sport in the world. This game is played by 60 million men and women around the world, according to Topend Sports. There are two main forms of tennis, singles (opposing players) and pairs (players against players). Tennis is one of the most popular sports for sports bettors around the world and is a major sport on non GamStop sports betting sites. On this page, we will give you all the info you need to know about how to bet on tennis tournaments and the most important tips you can apply to make the biggest winnings possible.

How Does Betting on Tennis Work?

Betting on tennis is popular, partly because the sport is fairly predictable. In contrast to team sports, you only have to deal with two participants and, moreover, the conditions are always fairly stable and the umpire also has less influence on the match than, for example, a football referee.

This is also the reason that there are slightly fewer options for betting on tennis than for team sports. But the possibilities that are there make the match very exciting.

Bets and Odds

Once you have created your account with a bookmaker, claimed any welcome bonus and you have some balance to bet, you can start betting on tennis. On the bookmaker’s site, find the tournament or match you want to bet on and choose the bet you want to bet on.

You will find odds for every betting option. That number indicates how much will be paid out for each Euro wagered if you have won a bet. The lower the odds, the greater the chance of that particular outcome. An example: Djokovic scores 1.45 against Tsitsipas who scores 2.05. Djokovic is the bookmakers’ favorite in this case and if you had bet a tenner on him, for example, you would get 14.50 in return if you made a good prediction – so you make 4.50 profit.

Tennis Betting Tips

Successful betting on tennis requires some basic knowledge of the sport. And the more you know about players, the better your chances of winning. So be up to date and never go blindly for bookies favorites and never underestimate the underdogs.

Research & Analysis Your Bet

Especially for live betting on tennis, it is good to know how certain players usually react in certain situations. Do a little research beforehand and you will be able to substantiate your bet much better. One player can handle the pressure at, for example, a breakpoint better than another and one player also handles a gap or lead differently than another. Knowing these things will give you a better chance of success with your tennis bet.

Of course it is also useful to know something about the playing style. Who has a hard serve, who always plays attacking and who has a strong backhand?

Pay Attention to the Surface of Tennis Court

Clay courts provide a slower ball bounce than other surfaces, this results in longer rallies. Grass requires a different playing style than hard court and clay feels very different to a tennis player than grass. It is not without reason that one player calls himself a “real clay court specialist”, while the other has a much better chance if the court surface is grass. Before you place your bet, make sure you know what surface is suitable for a tennis player. In fact, the right surface can really make the difference between winning and losing.

Know Who’s in Shape

A football player can hide behind an entire team, but a tennis player has to do it alone or in pairs. For a player who is not in form, it will be difficult to win a match. Or how about a lingering ankle or knee injury? This can affect the match you are betting on.

The Play Style Can Make all the Difference

A hard serve, a strong backhand, attacking play and a real baseline player: these are all descriptions that can apply to a tennis player. A tennis player’s playing style can make it very difficult for an opponent. Someone who likes to control the game from the baseline may have a hard time with the other’s fast, attacking play. A higher ranking is then no guarantee of profit. Most non GamStop bookmakers also have statistics that show you exactly how previous matches between the two players have gone. This way you can more easily estimate whether the opponent’s game is someone.

Do You Know Who Will Meet Who in the Schedule?

Each tournament follows a schedule. If you like to bet money on the tournament winner, then this scheme is your support. A few relatively easy opponents can take the player very far, but what if two top players meet in the quarterfinals? This could just mean the end of the tennis player you designated as the winner. Of course, the eventual tournament winner has to beat everyone. Nevertheless, the playing schedule can certainly have a favorable influence.

Try Live Bets at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Non GamStop bookmakers offer the choice between pre-match and live betting. With a live bet you can first see how the match is going. This will help you to make a better estimate of the match’s result. Live betting does mean that you have to be able to switch quickly. The bookmakers are watching and simply adjust the odds during the match.