Tenshin Nasukawa has spoken for the first time since his humiliating first-round TKO at the hands of Floyd Mayweather at Rizin 14.

The Japanese kickboxing world champion carried an undefeated record into the ring to face Mayweather on New Year’s Eve, but was badly outgunned by the 50-0 boxer in what turned out to be a horrible mismatch in Saitama.

Nasukawa’s undefeated kickboxing record remains intact, and he insists he has no regrets over taking the high-profile exhibition bout.

“I have worked hard with a big dream in the combat world. Karate, Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing. When I first got the offer I took it in a flash,” he admitted in an Instagram post.

“I thought this was an opportunity of a lifetime, and although there were significant differences in accomplishments and weight classes, I felt that I must not run and take on the challenge.”

The 20-year-old confessed that perhaps the opportunity came before he was ready to truly take advantage of it.

“The days since the fight was confirmed have been enjoyable but with concerns,” he continued.

“I am disappointed at myself since I thought I could have done better. But I will face the facts and will continue to take on any challenge.

“I learned that I didn’t work hard enough to earn this opportunity, and I will use this defeat to improve myself and move forward this year.”

Nasukawa also took the opportunity to praise Mayweather and vowed to come back even better as he looks to build on his already-impressive martial arts career.  

His boxing career is most likely over.