Terrance Williams was adamant in professing his innocence after being arrested on suspicion of public intoxication Saturday in Frisco, Texas.

The lawyers and courts still have to fulfill their parts of the legal process, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t waiting for their actions to decide where he stands on the matter, even without communicating with Williams. He’s just flat out backing him. 

“I know Terrance,” Jones told USA Today Sports. “He’s solid. Real solid. I’m hopeful. I don’t know the details. I read his public statement about it and take it at face value.”

The dashcam video from the arrest has emerged, and it shows Williams riding his bike, the bike he had in his trunk, and rode off on after the crash. He actually flipped over while riding it, and then faceplanted, with a police officer right behind him. 

Williams continues to vow that he wasn’t drunk. Sure buddy, you were 100% sober Below is Williams’ account of the incident:

“I am grateful that no one was injured in the accident. The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn’t drive. I live right near where the accident occurred, so my neighbor dropped me off and I called a tow truck and took the scooter from my house to go meet the tow truck driver. The police officer, who I have met in the past in the neighborhood, saw me on the scooter and arrested me without performing any sobriety tests. I have always been an upstanding citizen and handled the situation the best way I know how. I apologize if I should have handled it a little bit differently.”

Williams is entering the second year of a four-year, $17 million contract he signed last offseason