Terrell Owens is not a first ballot Hall of Famer despite putting up first ballot Hall of Famer numbers during his very entertaining NFL career.  Some of that entertainment probably took him off the first ballot and might have also cut a couple of years off of the end of his career.

T.O. isn’t letting any of that slow him down.  He’s taken that entertainment into retirement with him.  

The 44 year old took to Twitter to officially decline his invitation to attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  Owens will instead celebrate his special day elsewhere. 

What a move by Owens, a double middle finger to the people who kept him off of the first ballot where he belonged.  How do you not love and respect this move?  T.O. being T.O. to the very end.

As you would expect the Hall of Fame isn’t a fan of the move and issued a response. 

Such a predictable response by the head of the dickheads who make Hall of Fame selections.