Free agent receiver Tyrelle Pryor hasn’t had much action this season on the field, despite playing for both the Jets and the Bills.  But he’s apparently had plenty of action off of it. 

Pryor’s baby momma, Heaven Lei, and his now ex-girlfriend, Chania Ray, revealed just how busy he’s been.  The two traded shots on social media. 

According to our source, while Pryor was dating Chania Ray, he cheated on her with his baby momma Heaven Lei.  His baby momma allegedly got pregnant by him again, but allegedly had an abortion.

Chania found out about it, broke up with Pryor and started calling out the baby momma.  Heaven thought that Chania was talking trash about her son, not the second child that was allegedly aborted and things went from there.

Chania is claiming that Pryor wants her back so the two of them can have a baby together.  There’s a lot going on for the quarterback turned receiver off the field.

It sounds like Pryor needs to get back on the field as soon as possible.  Maybe focus some of this energy into his game.

Here’s a closer look at the two ladies fighting over the 29-year-old NFL free agent.

Baby momma Heaven Lei:

Ex-girlfriend Chania Ray: