Testimony in the rape trial of Kellen Winslow, Jr. resumed Wednesday with jurors hearing more from women accusing the former NFL player of sexual assault and indecent exposure.

Kellen Winslow, is accused of raping or sexually assaulting five women in separate incidents ranging from May 2018 to earlier this year.

When testimony resumed after the holiday weekend, jurors heard from forensic science experts about DNA samples removed from Winslow’s vehicle and items seized from his Encinitas home. They also saw images of Winslow’s tattoos and still images of him wearing gear used for cycling from a store surveillance camera. 

The extensive tattoos on the defendant’s back, chest and arms were entered into evidence because some of the descriptions from women accusing Winslow of crimes have mentioned tattoos on the suspect’s skin. 

Jane Doe 4 testified in court about her relationship with Winslow and recalled the night of her alleged rape.

Jane Doe 4 first met Winslow in June 2003 at a party in Scripps Ranch, she said. Some members from that party then went to a smaller gathering of about 20 people later in the night, where Jane Doe 4 and Winslow were flirting.

“Light flirting, you know, sitting close, nudging each other – just being silly, flirty teenagers,” she said in court Wednesday. “Me and him ended up walking upstairs to a bedroom.”

After the two began to have sex, Jane Doe 4 said Winslow’s friend entered the room – a person Jane Doe 4 said she had never seen before.

“I was, like ‘Woah, what’s going on?’ and he (Winslow) says, ‘He’s just gonna watch,’ and I said, ‘I’m not okay with that,’” Jane Doe 4 testified.

Jane Doe 4 said Winslow did not force her to stay or was abusive at this point. She said Winslow asked if she would let him finish before she left to which Jane Doe 4 said no.

You can watch the recap of the entire day below:  

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