A Texas high school club ice hockey player has been suspended “indefinitely” after a vicious stick attack. 

The crazy stick smashing occurred during a game between the Arlington/Midlothian Attack and the Grapevine/Colleyville Ice Hockey Association. 

Footage shows the Grapevine/Colleyville player slashing his stick at the opposing player’s back. 

Luckily the ref swooped in. 

The league is sponsored by the Dallas Stars and is backed by the Texas Amateur Hockey Association (TAHA), which is an affiliate of USA Hockey.

TAHA vice president Lucas Reid told WFAA that the scenes were the worst thing that I’ve seen on video.”

His colleague Reggie Hall, TAHA president, said:

“These actions are not part of our game and have no place in our sport. Such acts are extremely rare and not representative of the players and families that participate in the thousands of games we oversee each and every season.” 

 The suspended player has not been named due to his status as a minor, WFAA reports