It’s no secret that is one of Australia’s oldest and most popular past times. If you are new to this sports betting event, a few horse racing tips can help you develop a sound strategy on how to place your money.

Horse Racing Tips for Beginners

While most bookies and horse racing advisers require a small fee for their service, we’re giving you this info for free. Below are some things you should learn before placing a bet.

1. Go to the Paddock and Inspect the Horses

Fifteen minutes before the race, go to where the horses are being kept and observe each one of them. Look for horses that look healthy, calm, and composed. If a horse is nervous or twitchy, it can be a sign that it’s not in top condition. Some of the telltale signs are its jittery ears and swishing of its tail back and forth.

2. Observe the Track Carefully

Keep an eye on the track and take note which lanes seem to have a particular advantage or disadvantage. For example, one lane might have been heavily irrigated, or a route is drawing quicker on a specific section. Tight races usually boil down to the minute details, including the path taken by the winning horse.

3. Evaluate the Jockeys Who Are Racing

Aside from the horses’ past and current performance, another crucial element to watch out for are the jockeys riding the horses. Most racing events give out brochures and pamphlets with some background of the horses and jockeys participating. Carefully evaluate how good a rider is in the last few races and factor it on your bets.

4. Emulate the Veteran and Pro Betters

Some people have made quite a fortune in horse racing. You can study these people on how they made their picks and betting strategy. Find out what their thought processes are, emulate them, and find out what works for you. If you can get some tips from pro betters and veterans in the sport, then that too can help you a lot.

5. Go With Your Intuition

While being analytical about your bets is a good thing, don’t let it lead you to analysis-paralysis. Sometimes you also have to go with your gut feel or intuition. Try mixing your top picks, which you have analyzed, and some medium picks that give you the vibe. 

BONUS TIP: When in doubt always go for the horse with the coolest or catchiest name. Chances are they earned that name because they have done something spectacular in the past.

The 10 Best Bets on Friday’s Racing

Below are some of the best horses to bet on this coming Friday’s race:

  1. Leiter – Moonee Valley Race 7 (Ladbrokes Challenge Heat 12)
  2. Rebel Race – Moonee Valley Race 1 (Schweppes Plate)
  3. Deep Crystal – Canberra Race 4 (Holcim Handicap)
  4. Raise an Army- Sunshine Coast Race 8
  5. Hard Yaga- Sunshine Coast Race 6
  6. Zoucara- Sunshine Coast Race 7
  7. All Too Hard- Donald Races
  8. Dark Valley- Donald Races
  9. I am Invincible- Fannie Bay Race
  10. Not a Single Doubt- Fannie Bay Race

Horse racing is a great way to earn a bit of money while enjoying yourself on a beautiful day at the racetrack. If you want to make more out of your bets, you must look closely at all the details about the race. Of course, heeding the horse racing tips of your trusted horse racing services might also help you bring home the bacon.