The hockey world gathered in Las Vegas yesterday to celebrate the 2019 NHL Awards. And while most of the headlines after the awards were on the winners, Connor McDavid’s fashion choice as using a skate lace as a belt, Kenan Thompson killing it as the host and burning Tampa, Alex Rebek making an appearance and Carey Price making the audience cry with Anderson Whitehead, behind the scenes, it looked more like ‘take your kid to work day’!

Kids! Kids! Kids! were everywhere! Joe Thornton brought his children who brought lots of “aww’s” to the pre-show media frenzy, Garry Bettman’s daughter and her son helped interview all the stars and athletes on the red carpet for the NHL Network, and even Hollywood publicist Zack Teperman was seen walking up and down the red carpet with his young daughter in a baby carrier (which he thanked the carrier MiaMily for in his live social media feeds for saving him and his back)! On top of all these, several other players brought their kids to the show, while media outlets also used hired children to help interview and lure over the athletes for fun one-liners.
All in all, the NHL Awards seemed to go by with much success, and maybe next year we will see even more parents bringing their kids to work, or even putting their kids / grandkids to work, like Bettman did!

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