Participating in sports is one way of maintaining a healthy body and mind. Medical experts have found that people who participate in sporting activities have good muscular strength, stronger heart health, and better respiratory health. On the negative side, there are many injuries among athletes that may lead to:


  • Permanent body injury
  • Permanent disability
  • Limb amputation
  • Brain damage and head
  • Permanent nerve problems


Most of these medical conditions arise from continuous injuries in certain body parts, making the body vulnerable. However, understanding the injuries that lead to these medical conditions is essential because it helps people be prepared and ready if it happens. Some of the common sports injuries have been discussed below.

1. Body Strains

Body strains are prevalent among athletes and people who exercise regularly. They occur due to the repetitive use of tendons and body muscles. All the moving parts in the body are very vulnerable, and they can quickly move further than usual or move in an unwanted direction. 

In these situations, the tendons can be damaged or torn, which leaves the body in severe pain. Some of the body strains experienced by athletes include strained quads, pulled groin muscles, and pulled hamstrings.

2. Sprain Injuries

Sprain injuries are associated with body ligaments, which are the tissues that connect different bones. There is a high chance that ligaments will turn in the wrong direction in aggressive sporting activities and thereby tear. Most of the athletes have recorded ankle sprains in their sporting lives as these ligaments are pulled during movements. 

Other types of sprains injuries occur around elbows, wrists, and the knee area. Sprains are known to be very painful and usually take longer to heal as compared to other body injuries.

3. Knee Injuries

The knee forms one of the most critical joints in the body of human beings. It controls the movement of the upper body and direction. There is a lot of knee movement in sports, which causes it to wear. 

Continued wear and tear around the knee joint leads to some of the most devastating sports injuries such as fractures, dislocations, cartilage tears, and anterior cruciate ligament injuries, among others. To prevent most of the knee-associated injuries, athletes are encouraged to stretch and warm-up before participating in sports.

4. Bone Fractures

Bone fractures are very common in contact and impact sports. Most of the fractures occur on the feet, legs, and arms. Any bone fracture is a devastating injury that is very painful. Most fractures take more than two months to be corrected, plus a period of rehabilitation before one can participate again in sports. Medical experts recommend wearing protective gear while participating in sports to prevent bone fractures.

5. Concussion

Concussion is listed as one of the most severe sports injuries because it involves head collisions. In sudden impacts, the victim’s brain can move inside the skull, which is likely to damage the tissues around it. Common symptoms of concussion include temporary loss of consciousness, dizziness, and severe headache. Besides being a severe injury, a concussion is known to heal naturally after resting for a few days.

Remedy for Sports Injuries

If you have joint, muscle, and general body pain after gruesome exercises, you may want to consider visiting a chiropractor. You may also want to visit a chiropractor for general preventative care if you’re involved in any sports so you can lessen your chance of injury and spot any potential problems as soon as they happen.

According to one sports injuries chiropractor in Atlanta, most people tend to ignore the severity of the injury, only for it to turn into permanent bodily harm. Seeing a professional chiropractor immediately after discomfort occurs helps reverse the situation through controlled healing, which prevents the condition from aggravating.