The Atlanta Braves are unhappy with the way their top prospect, Ronald Acuna, wears his hat.  Yes, this is a real story.

According to, the Braves want the 20 year old from Venezuela to wear his hat straight while he’s in uniform.

The Braves want Acuna to wear his hat straight and maintain a professional appearance while in uniform. But they do not want to change much about the fun-loving, flamboyant approach that has made him one of the game’s most exciting young players.

“The main thing he needs to remember is keep your head straight and respect [your surroundings],” Jones said. “Be humble, but a humble-cocky.”

Hey MLB if you want to attract younger fans, pace of play rules are not the way to go.  Telling your teams to stop being hard asses about how a player wears his hat might be a good place to start. 

Good luck keeping Acuna in a Braves uniform when it’s time to sign him long-term.  There are probably a few teams that won’t care how he wears his hat so long as he’s producing.