How do the five members of the Backstreet Boys stay in shape and ready to bust out those signature dance moves? Tom Brady’s infamous TB12 method, of course!”

“That’s what we like to call ourselves.” Kevin Richardson went on to say that the Boys’ rebound time isn’t quite what it used to be.

“When we’re out on stage performing and we’re looking at the audience and seeing those faces, it’s almost like we’ve gone back in time,” Kevin explained. “When we get off stage and wake up the next morning, then you realize ‘Yeah, it’s 2018.'” “We’re trying to take on the way he takes care of his body and his instrument. 

We’re trying to take care of our instrument like that,” he added. When the Boys were pressed  on the controversial lifestyle, Kevin added: “It looks really smart, I’ve been researching it.”

Who’s next, the New Kids on the Block? Man, Tom Brady can’t be happy about being associated with the Backstreet Boys.