Esports are becoming more and more popular, and the predictions for further market growth are very optimistic. Many teams come together to face off in a professional setting for the prize money. The matches are also exhilarating to watch and can be very intense at times. For that reason, it’s not surprising that millions of gamers tune in to these matches.

The esports betting scene is also developing well, and some games have a healthy community of bettors looking to earn money through their hobby. Anyone looking to get into it, though, will find themselves overwhelmed with all the information and rules regarding esports betting. It’s important to know the basics so you can build on that knowledge later.

What are esports, anyway?

Esports are competitions hosted for various video games, usually multiplayer. The participants can be teams or individual players that possess exceptional skills when it comes to the game. With live streaming kicking off in the late 2010s, esports also found their popularity around that time. 

Of course, video game competitions existed before this era, but weren’t so highly regarded. Many media platforms now include streaming services for these competitions to attract wider audiences. Even the Olympic Games are starting to recognize and respect esports, with eight games set to debut as medal sports for the 2022 Asian Games.

Are there any tips I should know before betting?

There’s an abundance of beginner-friendly websites out there, and the articles they provide can give you some good tips on esports betting. Following esport news on can be useful for keeping up to date with the latest roster changes for the games and teams you plan to bet on. This website also offers reviews for the best betting apps so you can choose one that suits your needs, and is also safe and legal to use!

How do you bet on esports?

The same as you bet on any other sport, of course! 

The first step is choosing a game you know well and whose esports scene you are following. Games you are interested in will bring you more wins than games you know nothing about. It’s also a good idea to keep up to date with esports news for those games. 

Second, you must choose a betting app on which you will place your bets. Of course, you have to make sure the app offers quality services and won’t scam you. You should also learn the basics such as what kind of bets you can make. A few types of bets are match-winner, outright winner, total rounds, and group of winner. They’re all based on different aspects of the tournament, so knowing what each type of bet focuses on can be very useful.

Finally, make your bets and enjoy watching the matches! It’s a lot more fun watching esports matches when you stand to gain something from it.