Bicycle kicks are the most spectacular acrobatic maneuvres you can witness in football. Lucky for all the football fans, there are plenty of such stunners that made their way into sports history. The kicks are so outstanding that you can hardly get enough of them. Thus, we’ve decided to reflect on the most unforgettable goals once again and credit the scorers for amazing kicks. 

Zlatan’s Bicycle Kick Against England

Speaking of bicycle kicks, you can’t just miss Ibra’s wonderkick. Back in 2012, in an International Friendly against England, Zlatan left Joe Hart and the whole world speechless. The goalkeeper was shocked and couldn’t just take the 30-yard beauty away from the spectators. Ibra jumped at the chance and took it with all his power and skills. The ball flew over his head and ended up in the net, rewarding the football fans with a goal that will hold its place among the best goals of sports history. 

This was the game day when the Swedish striker took some players’ spotlight and made a significant step in his career. 

Wayne Rooney’s Bicycle Kick Against Manchester City

Whenever you look for the best bicycle kicks in the history of football Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick will surely come up. It has all the reasons to win the award of one of the most unforgettable goals in football history. It was back in 2011 when Rooney scored this incredible overhead kick against Manchester City. Using the situation in his favor, he seized the chance when Nani’s cross took a deflection. It was not only incredible but managed to become extremely decisive for the club. Rooney managed to bring the winning title of the 158th edition Manchester derby and the Premier League. The goal later went on claiming the best Premier League goal ever status. 

Ronaldinho’s Overhead Kick Against Villarreal

Another awe-inspiring moment in the history of football was created by Ronaldinho. 

Back in the 2006-2007 season, the Brazilian forward performed the best goal in his career. The spectacular overhead kick played its part in winning against Villarreal with a 4-0 score. The goal managed to become one of the most discussed highlights of the season and of the scorer’s whole career. The acrobatic kick was so powerful that the opponents couldn’t stand a chance against it. Supporting the ball with his chest gracefully, Ronaldinho scored the one-of-a-kind kick in La Liga’s history. FC Barcelona is still proud of the goral and is always up to show off by sharing the kick’s video, now and then.

Unexpected kicks and twists in sports can significantly impact other walks of life. Most importantly, they managed to revolutionize the gaming industry. More and more people bet at premium online sportsbooks and casinos in the hope of sharing the excitement of the game. 

Pele’s Bicycle Kick Against Belgium

When speaking of the marvelous overhead kicks in the arsenal of sports history, it’s fair to recall the initial trendsetter. It was the Brazilian football legend Pele who popularised the goal, setting an impeccable example of how it should be done.  

Pele’s bicycle kick back in 1968 during the Brazil and Belgium match reminded the crowds how exciting and beautiful football can be. Everything about this kick was epic. Receiving the ball from the left side, Pele jumped up into the air and performed a kick with his right foot tilting his body backward. The kick couldn’t but startle the goalkeeper and the whole sports world. 

This wasn’t the only bicycle kick Pele stunned the world with. As the player stated, the kick is not easy to perform, and in his career, he scored two or three out of 1,283 goals.

Ronaldo’s Bicycle Kick Against Juventus

Another goal that has a solid place among the Champions League’s power kicks is Ronaldo’s bicycle kick. It was the kind of strike that made the spectators rave about it. Ronaldo performed the kick, jumping up unnaturally high and sending the ball right to the corner of the net. This resulted in an impeccable bicycle kick that led to the victory with the 3-0 score in the Juventus vs. Real Madrid game for the Champions League quarter-final. The fiery kick was so impressive it wowed the world in a flash, giving us one more reason to credit him for goals that no one expected.

There’s hardly anything more satisfying for a fellow football fan than witnessing great bicycle kicks. These are the unexpected goals that you can reflect on every once in a while and still be amazed. Although we love reflecting on the iconic strikes that make the sports world even more thrilling, we always crave more and hope to have them in the upcoming seasons.