Those who manage a casino know that a party is an inevitable thing that would happen. People go to casinos to relax and enjoy. They want to forget about the hustle and bustle of daily life and just enjoy a night. This is why many casinos offer partycasino promotions where their clients can come and spend a night filled with fun. Sometimes, the UK casino promo codes are needed to participate. 

In return, the casino earns a boost in revenue, and they can show people the kind of service they offer, plus the different games and bonus codes that gaming patrons can find in the casino. Some are free, and it is likely that the ones who will benefit are the VIPs. And many of the parties are rated at certain price points in terms of packages. 

The question is: which casinos offer the best gambling parties in the United Kingdom?

Las Vegas Themed Christmas Party in Manchester 2019

This party is going to happen in December 2019. It is not a free event, but the ticket costs are reasonable. Depending on where you want to get seated, you will pay between £43.18 and £533.59 per person. Apart from getting entertained, you are also entitled to a three-course dinner. 

The event is scheduled for two days. One will be at 7 PM in December, and the other one is at midnight on December 8. The party is set to happen at Elm-Bank Conference & Banqueting Centre, Half Edge Lane, Eccles.

The party’s theme is the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Visitors can expect to be greeted by the Las Vegas Showgirls and will also see the famous and iconic symbol of Las Vegas. Guests will receive a three-course meal throughout the party, after which they can enjoy the tables and bet on their favourite gambling games.

Apparently, all bets are not in real money, as the party is giving away prizes dubbed as “paper money”. However, guests will also have the chance to win their admission ticket back, which means it is like being at the party for free. 

As far as performances are concerned, the Showgirls along with a comedy group are expected to provide exciting entertainment. The comedy act is going to be from one of the best acts in the comedy industry, Darren Clynes. 

The Elite Casino Events Experience

This company is an event organizer that takes care of all the paperwork and preparation for a party. What it does is coordinate with corporations who plan to have a casino party. There are many packages to choose from, and the prices of all these party packages vary according to headcount and the theme.

If you work with this company to plan and execute your event, you can expect that they will provide authentic gaming equipment. They will set the tables and also take care of tearing them down once the event is over. 

Apart from the equipment, they will supply the staff who will manage the gaming tables. These staff members are certified casino dealers. There will also be a pit manager, and all guests will receive chips that they can use to wager. These chips cannot be exchanged for real money, as they are not bought by the guest. 

It is up to you to choose which tables should be included in the package. You can have classic favourites like blackjack and different variants of roulette. You can also add The Money Wheel, Pai Gow Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, craps, and many more.   

Now, some of your employees may not lean towards gaming, even if it is just for fun, so you can also add some extras like photo booths, red carpet runners, live DJ music, candy cigarette girls, magicians, and event photographers. 

If you set up a casino party with this group, you will have a memorable experience not only for yourself but for your entire team. You can set up as little as three tables or more than 30, depending on the size of your company.

Awesome Christmas by Awesome Events, Ltd.

This company specializes in setting up casino parties in London. They have multiple venues, and you can choose if you want to share your company party or make it exclusive. The venue for this party is at the Ballroom South Park, Behind National Theatre in 99 Upper Ground in London.

It is up to you to choose your party package content. Below are the options:

  • Prosecco reception;
  • Drinks for your employees or staff members;
  • Three-course meal: the guests are seated at the venue;
  • Meet and greet with Showgirls;
  • Acts and shows like acrobatics, aerial circus, live dance, fire dance, and more; 
  • Photobooth;
  • Vegas theme and production show;
  • Full event management.

For shared parties, there are events that are already scheduled, and all you need to do is to book the company and tell them how many of you are attending. There are a total of parties starting in November and ending in December 2019, mostly happening on weekends. 

For the exclusive events, you have to choose from several party packages and negotiate the party package prices. There are many themes to choose from, like the ones below:

  • The Greatest Show;
  • Studio 55;
  • Christmas at the Lodge;
  • Masquerade;
  • Alice in Winterland;
  • Vintage Circus.

These packages have different minimum and maximum number of guests. You can have as little as 140 guests and up to 2,000.

Christmas Parties Unlimited

The last in our list is Christmas Parties Unlimited. The team will create a party for your staff, and the minimum number of guests is only 200. The venue is at 5 Options in Wembley, and you can also choose to simply book a party that was already set up if you do not want a bespoke party package. 

If you book with this company, you can expect a re-creation of Las Vegas in the UK. There are large props that imitate the Las Vegas atmosphere, such as the iconic sign. The walls will also be covered in gorgeous drapes, and the venue will have a seated party arrangement. 

There is a champagne reception, and it is up to you if you want to avail of the three-course meal. The party will not be complete without drinks, casino tables, and a live DJ. 

You also have the option to add more entertainment activities such as Showgirls, live performances, singing performances like live Elvis Presley tribute or impersonation. There are also magicians who can dazzle and entertain the crowd, along with caricature artists that can serve your guests. 


Parties are important in life. They take away the stress from work, and doing it once a year surely improves the commitment of employees if done in corporate events. For adults, nothing beats the feeling of being in a casino, especially Las Vegas.

While the theme is related to gambling, your employees will not be spending real money since the parties are just for fun. They will have free chips and win or lose, but there will be no real money involved. All in all, the night will be full of sumptuous food, live performances, and great gambling experiences with nothing to worry about losing real cash.