Mobile betting is a relatively new phenomenon in non GamStop betting More and more players are using apps to place their sports bets. Because betting via an app is super convenient. You can bet on a sporting event at any time, wherever you are.

Of course, you have to pay attention, because not every non GamStop bookmaker has a great app. That is why we go through all the important factors with which we evaluate bookmaker apps.

Mobile Betting: the Future of Non GamStop Betting

A world without a smartphone has become almost unimaginable and sports betting has been growing in popularity for years. It should therefore come as no surprise that betting via the smartphone has become the dominant trend. Today everyone can enjoy the thrill of a simple sports betting.

It can hardly get any simpler. Find the app, click on download and a minute later you can register or start playing. You no longer have to struggle with clumsy websites because via sports betting apps you can start betting with one simple click. It is this simplicity that makes non GamStop bookmaker apps so popular.

With Non GamStop Bookmaker Apps You Can Bet Anytime & Anywhere!

As a mobile player you can enjoy the same bookmaker offers as players who gamble via the desktop version. You even have a chance to win exclusive mobile bonuses and more importantly, you can play anytime, anywhere. If you can bet live, you can even bet on the match from the stands.

There are already a number of non GamStop bookmaker apps and of course they differ from each other. So, how can you find the best bookmaker app? Below we discuss all the important factors that you should evaluate to find the best sports betting app for you.

Non GamStop Bookmaker Apps – What Should You Pay Attention to? 

  • Always install the app according to the manual, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • See which app functions there are. A popular feature is the cashout feature, which allows you to cancel your bet early. This also allows you as a player to secure your winnings early.
  • Check if there are mobile betting bonuses with the bookmaker.
  • You can bet quickly and easily from a bookmaker app, but beware; Always think before you bet.

Bookmaker Apps VS Mobile Sites

To bet via your smartphone, you don’t necessarily have to use a sports betting app. Most non GamStop bookmakers have a mobile version of their website that is optimized for visitors via mobile devices.

This mobile site opens automatically when you visit the site via your browser. So, you don’t have to download and install an app when you play via the mobile site. You can start betting with one click via bookmaker apps. Thanks to the ‘Touch ID’ function, you can log in and start right away.

Bookmaker apps are very user-friendly and they are regularly updated to optimize the user experience. All the important features are present in the sports betting apps and they often come with exclusive features and bonuses (mobile betting bonus).

Online Sports Betting – Cashout Feature 

The cashout feature is the most popular feature with online sports betting players. Thanks to the cashout feature, you can cancel your bet early to secure your winnings.

Bookmaker Apps Comparison

Below we discuss some factors that are important when evaluating sports betting apps. We recommend that players evaluate these standards as well. Personal preferences will of course always have an influence when you decide which bookmaker app is the best.

  • App design: how clear and modern is the design of the app?
  • App functionality: is the app stable or does it crash regularly?
  • Up-to-date: How regularly is the app updated? Is the app regularly adapted to current operating systems?
  • Offer: How many sports and competitions can you bet on? Can you bet live?
  • Mobile bonus: are there exclusive promotions for the users of the app?
  • Customer service: how good is the player support in the app?
  • Payment methods: Which payment methods are possible in the app? How fast is the payout?
  • App features: What features are offered in the app? Is there a live stream?
  • Player reviews: What were other players’ experiences with the app?

How Do I Install Sports Betting Apps?

Installing bookmaker apps has never been easier. In just a few steps, you can download and install them.

There is a big difference in the installation process for different smartphones. Both Apple and Android devices have their own stores and regulations for sports betting apps. We go through the process below to install bookmaker apps on the different mobile devices.

Apple Non GamStop Bookmaker Apps

Non GamStop betting apps are very popular in the Apple App Store. You can easily search for your favorite bookmaker in the store, download the app and start playing. These apps are several years old, so there is also a lot of info available in the Store thanks to the many user reviews. It is also a good sign if the bookmaker updates the app regularly.

Bookmaker Apps Via Android

Google recently updated the Google Play Store guidelines for gambling. Therefore, there are currently almost no sports betting apps in the Android Store.  If an app for online sports betting is not listed in the Google Play Store, you can usually find it directly on the bookmakers’ website. Non GamStop Bookmakers offer the app there for Android users via the website you can download and install the bookmaker app directly on your Android device.


Betting via smartphones is becoming more popular every year. Many non GamStop bookmakers therefore offer their own sports betting apps that they optimize for smartphone players. Certain bookmakers offer their apps for both iOS and Android devices. Some sports betting apps are only available for iOS users. Some bookmakers still only have mobile websites. These are not as user-friendly as other bookmakers’ apps. The bookmaker apps differ from each other in their design, usability and functions. Certain bookmakers offer an exclusive mobile bonus to the users of the app.