New Zealand is a small island country strategically located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. They are famous for their beautiful landscape indigenous Maori cultures, their national Rugby team, the kiwi bird, and the Lord of the Rings movie backdrop.


The people in New Zealand are relaxed, positive, and fun-loving people which is a sure indication of their love for sports and gambling. Around 520,000 adults are into virtual gambling in 2018 and the majority played roulette, video poker, blackjack, online poker, and lotteries which is a sure thing that you can find the best online casino nz.


Gambling Laws of New Zealand

It is clearly stated in the Gambling Act of 2003 that sports betting and lottery are allowed but any remote interactive gambling is illegal which means online betting was not allowed.


Lawmakers were a bit skeptical during those times because they did not expect that it would thrive in the years to come because the unification of technology and casino was not that established yet. Added to it, the issue of malware, hacking and cyber theft was out of control during that time because firewalls were not as sturdy then compared to the current firewalls in the market.


Gambling virtually in New Zealand

Gambling is very much welcome in the country and locals can enjoy slot machines (pokies), lotteries, casinos, and horse racing. New Zealand has five casinos namely SkyCity Auckland, Skycity Hamilton in the North Island while SkyCity Queenstown, Christchurch Casino, and Dunedin Casino are located in the South Island.


Presently, authorized online gambling providers such as Lotto NZ and the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) are considered legal. TAB is founded for the New Zealand Racing Board Act 2020. This Act organizes all about racing and sports organizations and their betting services. There are prestigious online casinos that are permitted by the government for gambling enthusiasts in the country to enjoy.


Tips on finding a good online casino

Although choosing a fine virtual casino may not be as easy as pie but certainly not that difficult. Indicated here are the basic guidelines for finding a good online casino.


1.    Gadget compatibility

The majority of the online casinos adjust to the type of gadget of the user. All online casinos make an update to cope with the speed of technology however, some gadgets that some users are using cannot get through with the pace, and sometimes they cannot get access to the site. In this case, Cloud Gaming is the best advice to enjoy casino games.


2.    Diversity of Games

Typically, virtual casinos offer conventional games offered by land-based houses of gambling but the way online casinos jazz it up makes the difference thru technology. Online casinos offer more than 3000 games with exquisite graphics, designs, and audio. Gamers have the chance to play them thru virtual, live dealer or AI, the Augmented and Virtual Reality.


3.    Variety of Bonuses

Virtual casinos offer various bonuses compared to bricks and mortar casinos. Casino sites also offer higher odds and bigger cashback percentages to their loyal players plus other benefits and promos like coupons. Here are the common bonuses virtual punters enjoy.


  •       Welcome bonus
  •       Deposit Bonus
  •       Reload Bonus
  •       No Deposit Bonus
  •       No Deposit Bonus Codes
  •       Free Money Bonus
  •       Free Spins No Deposit Bonus
  •       First Deposit Match Bonuses
  •       Cashback Bonuses
  •       VIP and High Roller Loyalty Benefits
  •       Other Promos and give away


4.    Payment Method

Monetary transactions play a vital role in deciphering the right virtual casino for you to gauge if it is compatible to the kind of payment method you have.

The following are the best payment methods:


  •       Major debit/credit cards
  •       Digital Wallet

–        Neteller

–        Paypal

  •       Paysafe card
  •       Cryptocurrency




New Zealand has embraced gambling as part of the people’s favorite pastime and until at present even though it had expanded and modernized through technology. Nevertheless, gambling laws have to be observed for a more exciting wagering experience.