Canada allows each province to determine how they will deal with gambling. In general, they decide to act through a monopoly of lotteries and casinos, which obviously does not result in the best alternatives to Canadians for the lack of competition. Besides, the online casinos that some provinces offer are far from ideal in terms of games and promotions. That leaves room for foreign companies to fill the gap left by those monopolies.

As a result, those websites that currently are considered the best Canadian online casinos will most probably continue to attract more players. Since they are located overseas, and Canada still does not count with regulations to license those casinos and forbid others, the country cannot benefit from collecting taxes from millions of Canadian Dollars every month.

The Current Situation of Online Casinos in Canada

Players who live in Canada might have one singular official option of online casinos, such as in BC and Manitoba. However, they are short in games, including online slot machines, when compared to other websites, considered the best online casinos in Canada. Those are owned and licensed overseas, and they are the go-to alternative to experienced players.

Meanwhile, there are discussions related to the regulation of other online casinos in some provinces. Although it is ahead of many other countries, Canada still cannot reach a consensus regarding the benefits of opening to those other companies, especially tax-wise.

What Should Canadian Players Do?

While some provinces do count on their own online casinos, they cannot satisfy the needs of any player who wants everything the internet can offer. Instead, players can opt for casinos that are licensed elsewhere and, based on expert ratings, choose those that better suit their needs. Some of the parameters that help in that decision include:

  • Security: safely browsing and playing on online casino websites depends on a few criteria that specialized reviewing websites can help you identify.
  • Promotions: from the moment of sign-up, players receive recurrent bonuses and slots free spins to use as they wish.
  • Games: some casinos have up to 4,000 different games, including slot machines, that can be accessed on computers or mobile devices.
  • Support: receiving 24/7 live support in both English and French might make a huge difference for Canadian players.
  • User Experience: from an intuitive layout to straightforward navigation, it should be taken into account.
  • Payments: deposits and withdrawals that are carried out in a fast and efficient manner are useful on online casinos.

What are the Best Online Casinos?

The criteria presented above are usually enough to determine what online casinos can be considered the best for a certain player. It is not possible to determine that some specific websites are ideal for everyone, but having excellence in all essential parameters can at least ensure that they can be recommended.

Fortunately, Canadian players currently count with dozens of websites that specialize in determining how close to perfection a casino website or app is. Those are ranked according to certain criteria, and players can simply check a summary about them and register afterward.

One thing is certain: no provincial online casino has ever been added to those ranks, most probably because they are still far from matching the best alternatives.

What Does the Future Reserve?

The most probable outcome within the next decade will be the regulation of those online casinos that already operate for Canadians and profit from them. It is not possible to tell if platforms like PlayNow will remain and become more competitive, but they still have some way to go.

For now, the correct choice for any Canadian player that is not yet familiar with how to check all the parameters connected to quality gambling and safety is to rely on specialized websites. They will rank according to the opinion of specialists and find those that are better adapted to the Canadian public, despite being open to the entire world.