In order to get your winnings quickly, you should choose a payment method that guarantees fast payouts. Most of the payment methods listed below are known for their fast processing times and safe handling of your personal information. So make sure you choose one of these payment methods so that your winnings are paid out as quickly as possible. Pay attention to the casino’s processing time and the aforementioned account verification process. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the payout limits before you withdraw your winnings.


In fact, payouts using iDeal are similar to a direct bank transfer, with the only difference being that data verification is not done manually, but everything is fully automated. After payment, the amount you want to pay is usually deposited directly into your casino account, and you can see this payment directly in your bank statement. This way, you don’t have to wait a while for the payment to become visible.


Paysafecard is a payment system founded in 2000 in Austria. The prepaid card, which is mainly used by the system, is available in countries all over the world. The prepaid card does not require a bank account, which makes it a popular payment method for players who want to play anonymously. The card can be purchased online or at the nearest supermarket or gas station. The payment procedure is exactly the same as topping up your credit on your phone. As of this writing, Paysafecard is available at no less than 650,000 points of sale in the Country. Paysafecard is part of the Paysafe group, which also includes providers Skrill and Neteller.


PayPal is a payment system used by businesses and consumers alike. The provider offers consumers the ability to easily shop online or make online payments. To be able to use PayPal, all you have to do is link your bank account or credit card to it. Subsequently, using your email address, you can make payments very quickly at south africa online casino, online stores, etc. You can also make payments through the app using PayPal One Touch. Here you don’t need to remember your password, and you make the payment with a few clicks of a button.

Pay ‘n Play is a payment method created by Trustly specifically for online gambling sites. It allows you to play online casino games with the fastest payouts, as well as make deposits and cash out without an account. Another advantage of Pay ‘N Play is that no verification process is required, so you no longer need to send your bank account documents or passport, just deposit and play. Even better, any winnings you cash out will appear in your bank account almost immediately. With Pay ‘N Play, Trustly leaves other payment service providers in the dust because of the ease and speed with which payments can be made. There are even casinos that use Pay ‘n Play exclusively, which eliminates other payment methods.

One of the reasons that bitcoin is gaining acceptance as a payment method is because its value is increasing. Some online stores and casinos offer Bitcoin as a payment and withdrawal method. The cryptocurrency, which was invented in 2008, started out as a fairly worthless payment item, but as of this writing bitcoin is already worth 45,000 euros and its value continues to rise. To pay with Bitcoin, you will find a QR code or a payment link in your wallet, which you can use to log into an online casino and quickly cash out.