You never really know what would happen in each season of the NFL. It’s incredible how things can easily turn upside down that you’ll never know what to expect. Take Lamar Jackson as an example. Last year, he was not on the list of anyone’s favorites to take home the trophy, and he wasn’t even in the top 100 players in the preseason.

But when the 2019 NFL season ended, he was the MVP. Talk about a plot twist. Thus, a lot of people’s lists have changed, and mostly, of course, the number 1 best player in their lists is Lamar Jackson.

So let’s put up a list of the greatest players in the 2020 NFL season with him at the top. Take note, though, that this isn’t a ranking list, and the players are ranked in no particular order.

Lamar Jackson

Most of the NFL top 100 players in the 2020 NFL season lists that you see today have most likely put Lamar Jackson in any place in the top 10. After his breakout 2019 campaign, where he ultimately won the MVP award, many people are expecting him to deliver a great season again in 2020. So far, he is delivering, still showing spectacles with his dynamic play style, and is growing as a passer.

These expectations aren’t unfounded given that he is the first NFL player to put up 3,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a single season- a feat that isn’t easily reached. However, there are still many skeptics who think that what he did in 2019 was just a fluke. But so far, he’s proving them wrong.

Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson is a great quarterback himself, with many great plays and superb performance in the previous season. However, he is mostly overshadowed by Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Even then, Deshaun Watson has proven himself to be a franchise quarterback and is capable of making outstanding plays against tougher opponents.

Since the departure of Bill O’Brien, Deshaun has a lot of room to make himself known in the NFL with his 15/0 TD/INT ratio and 1,750 passing yards on his belt, not to mention that he has a 70.5% pass completion and a 122.3 quarterback rating. So far, he is pulling great plays in his recent games, and it would be exciting to watch him grow and play in the following games.

Stephon Gilmore

Shutdown corners are almost the thing of the past now. However, Stephon Gilmore refuses to give it up by still making awesome plays. There are many expectations for Stephon Gilmore, and they aren’t unfounded either because he is the only shutdown corner that is mostly seen in all top 100 lists you can find online. This means that he is much better than the rest of his peers. With his league-high six interceptions, that isn’t a small feat.

To add to the pressure, he won the defensive player of the year award back in 2019, making people expect him to do the same in the 2020 NFL season. The defensive player of the year award has never been awarded to anyone since 2010 when Troy Polamalu received it. With several of the New England Patriots’ bowing out due to COVID-19 concerns, Stephon Gilmore would have to work hard to strengthen their defense.

Aaron Donald

A lot of speculation about Aaron Donald’s skills and longevity in the league started when he first came out of college. This is mainly because of the 6’1 build, which many people say isn’t fit for a defensive tackle. Because of this, 12 teams passed on him in the 2014 NFL draft. Today, Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the NFL with his 81 career sacks.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson had a great season last year and was even among the candidates for the MVP award. However, he could not become MVP, and many people are speculating that it’s because the Seahawks didn’t let him play as much as he wanted to.

Lately, he hasn’t been effective in the field as much, but he is still a passer that worries a lot of teams in the NFL. This is because of his 100 touchdown throws and a small number of interceptions in the past three seasons. It’s understandable why a lot of players fear his prowess.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes’ first two years as an NFL quarterback is pure awesome, and that isn’t even touching the tip of the iceberg. Mahomes had 76 regular-season touchdowns over the last two years, which is already a great feat in itself.

Also, many people are saying that his playstyle is a cross between Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre. He was also the MVP in Super Bowl 54, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he also wins the award in Super Bowl 55.


Even though the regular NFL season hasn’t ended yet, many people have already established their player ranking for the season. Of course, the top three are still Russell Wilson, Aaron Donald, and Patrick Mahomes. However, there is still time for someone to break out in the remaining matches. But if someone does so, it wouldn’t matter much to the player rankings at this point.