The new season of the NFL has already started and experts are already thinking about what are the chances of each team to reach the finals and be the champion of this year’s Super Bowl.

One of the most important players in every Football team is, certainly, the QB and today we have a list of the Top 6 QBs in this NFL Season.

6 – Tom Brady

Considered the best QB in many seasons, Tom Brady is obviously not the same as he used to be. Honestly, if he continued playing for the New England Patriots, he would probably be out of this list.

However, being at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with new teammates, may give him a chance of shining again. 

Brady only had a 300-yard game after Week 6 last season, prompting speculation that New England’s departure had not been one-sided. But his pre-snap magic is still good enough and the end of his career may be good.

Many experts are comparing his end of career to Peyton Manning’s, as Tampa will offer more attacking options than Brady ever had at New England.

5 – Lamar Jackson

Even though he has been criticized and labeled since the days of Louisville, Lamar Jackson had a very good season last year. He was one of the main attacking options of the Ravens and surprised a lot of defenses who thought they were ready to face him.

This season, the Ravens will have more attacking weapons and this may help Lamar to improve his accuracy in long passes, as his percentage last year was only 51.1%. This evolution may not be totally necessary for Baltimore to win a Super Bowl, as they have a pretty nice team.

However, this certainly makes Lamar Jackson a good passer, not great as some other GBs at the moment.

4 – Drew Brees

Another veteran in the NFL, Drew Brees is a testament to Sean Payton’s quality. Even though his arm is already showing that he is having difficulty in some moments, he still continues to perform at a high level and produce in the attack of the New Orlean Saints.

One of the main points that make Drew Brees part of this list is his intelligence and how he can read the game perfectly. He may not be able to throw some long balls anymore, which is understandable, but this can be solved. It’s all about anticipation and intelligence at this point, and if the ball is out of his hands in two seconds or less, arm strength can be minimized.

Apart from that, this may be his last season at the NFL, so he probably will give everything he got.

3 – Aaron Rodgers

Even though he didn’t have good numbers in the last season, it is pretty possible for Aaron Rodgers to have a very good season this year. And that is because of two things.

First, because this will be the second year of the Matt LaFleur system and many believe Aaron will be much better now that the team already understands it. Second, and maybe the most important one, because the Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love.

Apart from that, Rodgers is not just any guy. Even though his strength is not the same anymore, he is totally capable of doing all kind of things inside the field

2 – Russell Wilson

Wilson is, nowadays, the only one who can really get close to the number one in our list. Some even think that he could be the top QB if he had all the necessary support not only inside the field but also outside at the Seattle Seahawks..

This happens because Russel Wilson is very efficient at operating the attack. His mobility is extremely good and his ability to extend his moves makes him a threat even out of the pocket. Apart from that, his long passes are above average and he can score touchdowns.

It all shows that Wilson has great chances of becoming the top QB soon, as there are no indications that his level may drop. He will probably remain fantastic.

1 – Patrick Mahomes

It is probably not a surprise to see the QB of the Kansas City Chiefs at the first position.

Even though Mahomes’ number dropped during the last season, he evolved as a player. His decision-making became even more sensitive, improving his post-snap identification process and, with that, his progressions took a step forward. Apart from that, he also improved his pocket presence. And that became clear when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.

Nowadays, Russell Wilson may be the one closest to the quality of Patrick Mahomes. However, the Chiefs have a good attack, while the Seahawks don’t show enough strength.

If Patrick Mahomes is able to play an entire season, he has great chances of being the MVP this year and, maybe, win another Super Bowl.


Of course there are other interesting names, however these are the ones that we think will make a good NFL season and may be considered the best QB this year. Some even have good chances of winning the Super Bowl or becoming the MVP of the NFL.

In your opinion, who will be able to take their team to the Conference Finals and, maybe, to the Super Bowl? What are your sports predictions of the NFL this season?