Golf is both a game and a prestige. This game looks simple even though in reality it is not as simple as we might think. In this article we will discuss the 6 best books for every golf lover to read. 

If you are a golf maniac, spending time without playing golf is not fun. But in certain situations, you have to deal with it. But don’t worry, reading books about golf can relieve your stress. Therefore in this article, we will explain some books about golf that you deserve to read this year. Without the need to spend any longer, here they are:

  1. Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect – Bob Rotella
  2. This book was written by Bob Rotella, a psychologist, and a sports coach. The reason this book is worth reading is the fact that it was written based on the author’s interactions with top golfers. So even though Rotella is not a professional golfer, what is written still has a high value because it is based on the experience of professionals. There are many interesting anecdotes that you will find in this book. Not to mention some important suggestions regarding mental preparation for a professional golf championship, something that is the specialty of the author.
    1. Putting Out of Your Mind – Bob Rotella

    Still the same author, this book discusses golf from a slightly different perspective. In this book, Rotella explains that a good mental approach can really change the outcome of the game. Any beginner golfer will be greatly helped after reading this great book. However, professionals can still benefit from what is described in this book.

    3. Better F*cking Golf: How I went from hacker to club champ without changing my swing or expensive lessons

    This is a book that inspires every beginner who wants to become something in the world of professional golf. No matter how old you are, you can still be a successful professional golfer. In this book the author tells his story as a hacker who transforms into a professional golfer by simply improving the things outside of his swing and grip. If you feel discouraged before you even try, then this book is for you.

    1. Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia – TomCox

    Tom, the author, used to be a kid with a big dream to become a professional golfer, something he realized when he was 30. Basically, this book describes how a child steps to realize his childhood dreams. If you are a novel lover then this book is for you.

    1. No Limits – Ian Poulter

    Ian Poulter is a charismatic golfer with a classic style. His biggest attraction is his charisma, not his playing technique. In this book, Poulter describes how he went through all the obstacles before becoming a Ryder Cup champion.

    1. Seve: The Autobiography – Severiano Ballesteros

    Written as an autobiography, this book is able to bewitch any golf lover to read from start to finish. Even now the story in this book will be translated into a film. In this book, the author tells the story of his career as a golfer which started from his acceptance at a small golf club. If you feel that because you don’t have much money and therefore you cannot become a professional golfer then this book is going to show you that you are wrong!

    The six books above can inspire you to keep practicing golf consistently. Maybe you have mastered golf techniques but if you need some compelling reasons for your hobby then reading the books will be of great help.