The United Kingdom is home to rich cultures and prosperous nations. If you find yourself inside the beautiful kingdom, whether as an immigrant or tourist, you certainly want to enjoy yourself and partake in some of the local activities. The UK is full of many fantastic art and music events, but what you want to check out is their sports!

The UK is one of the most passionate (if not the most passionate) nations in sports. Visitors of the country absolutely must attend one of their local games to feel the energy and excitement the nation’s people have for their athletes. This article will cover some of the must-watch sports in the United Kingdom if you are looking for fantastic entertainment! If you are unsure whether your visa allows you to attend a sporting event for entertainment, then speak to an immigration advisor at and get yourself sorted out!

1. Football/Soccer

If you are going to discuss sports in the United Kingdom, you absolutely can not ignore the most popular one of them all: Football. Football, also known as soccer in some nations, originated in the UK in the country of England. Currently, it dominates other sports in terms of popularity in the United Kingdom by a considerable amount. 

Each constituent nation in the United Kingdom has its football league with avid fans and electric games. The highest-profile league found in the UK is none other than the Premier League in England, which is regarded by many as the greatest league in all of Football. If you want to witness high-level competition amongst some of the greatest players in the world, then the English Premier League is the right one for you.

Fans of the sport are unlike any fans in the entire world. Each game is almost sure to be filled with diehard fans of their respective teams. The energy in football stadiums is unmatched, and you may even find yourself rooting for players. If you want to experience sports to their fullest, the United Kingdom has what you seek. Many people fall in love with Football and want to experience it more, so do not be shy to apply for ILR if that is what you seek!

2. Cricket

Cricket is another sport that originated in the United Kingdom (although these are just claims), and it illustrates the nation’s classical history. If you do not know much about cricket, you should learn because it’s not something you can jump into.

Cricket is one of the longest played sports, and the games themselves can last for days. Each day has hours of game time so expect to plan your entire day around the affair. Despite this, cricket is probably the second most popular sport in the United Kingdom. People love the rich history surrounding the teams and the sport! If you want to spend long hours in a sporting arena and relax, then a cricket game would be best for you.

3. Rugby

Rugby shares origins with English football, but this sport took a different and more physical path. This sport is for people who want to see more action in their entertainment. Rugby can be considered the safe option because of how fast-paced and filled with highlights the sport is. Visitors of the United Kingdom will surely enjoy watching a game of rugby and cheering for the players on the field. 

The sport in the United Kingdom is not without its history as well. As mentioned earlier, this sport can be traced back to the early forms of Football. In terms of success, the United Kingdom’s nations continuously rank among the best globally, and England has even brought home a Rugby World Cup trophy in the past. If fast-paced action and high-level competition entices you, rugby certainly has what you are looking for.

4. Basketball

While basketball in the United Kingdom is nowhere near the level of the United States in both skill and popularity, it is still an exciting sport to watch. The British Basketball League has been rising in popularity over the years and has grown into a full-fledged professional league. 

Basketball in Europe has grown in the past years, with many of the game’s greatest players emerging from European countries. Basketball in the United Kingdom is no different, and the level of play in these nations has also stepped up. If you are a fan of basketball, it would be a fun trip to watch how they do it over in the United Kingdom.

Sports in the United Kingdom are some of the best and most unique forms of entertainment in the entire world. If these events entice you enough, apply for an ILR and see if you’re eligible for a more extended stay in the country. These sports are best enjoyed when you frequently watch them and join the teams on their journeys for the season!