This situation is extremely unpleasant, but it happens sometimes. It often happens that this is triggered by the players’ fault. Any attempt to circumvent the rules of the bookmaker’s office, the desire to play in any dishonest way will be strictly suppressed by the service provider. Let’s analyze the most common causes of problems associated with blocking of any account transactions.


Oftentimes, creating a large number of accounts implies that you are trying to bypass any restrictions placed on you. Of course, this is harshly suppressed by the betting service provider, since the company is not interested in previously banned clients.

Regular profit

If you win a lot and often, you will receive increased attention to your account, and sometimes you can even get a ban. In this case, there is no fault of yours, but no one is immune from such problems, since bookmakers do not like to lose money. Temporary blocking of funds is quite real when you on a winning streak.

What should you do if all your transactions on the betting site are temporarily blocked?

  • Contact the support service of this bookmaker. First, you need to try to calm down and not panic. After that, contact the support service with the problem that appears and try to find out why your account was blocked. When talking to employees of the betting site, be sure to avoid being rude. Give them your details and account number. If no gross violations were noticed, then you will be asked to go through personal identification by sending ID. If these actions did not bring the desired result, but at the same time you are sure that you have not violated any rules, then you can proceed to the next point…
  • Refer a problem to the body which issued a license for the betting company you’ve made bets on. Here you also need to explain as fully and correctly as possible what is the essence of your problem and the possible reasons for such a decision from the bookmaker. If you have violated the rules and the bookmaker had objective reasons to freeze the account, then the complaint is considered unfounded. But if the truth is on your side, but the bookmaker is still not ready to meet halfway, then this negatively affects his rating and such service provider can lose his license for conducting such activities.
  • Change the type of entertainment. If the sum you not able to withdraw from the bookmaker is not big, you may just leave it as it is and move on to the different types of gambling. You may try various casino games which you will be able to find if you visit this site. Or you can try one more thing – apply to court.
  • Apply to court. You can also go to court as a last resort. This process is quite complicated, intricate, requiring considerable time and financial efforts. It makes sense only if you cannot withdraw a fairly large amount, otherwise, it is worth considering whether it is worth the effort spent, which is not even the fact that it will give the desired result.


Summing up, we can say that the main thing is to play fair in a legal office and not try to outwit it. In this case, you are unlikely to have problems. And even if they do, you will have real opportunities to influence them and achieve the truth. If an unpleasant situation has occurred, then you must politely and calmly contact the support service and follow their instructions. If you do not achieve the desired result, then pay attention to our instructions to understand in which authorities you can still submit your complaint.