Mourning the Loss

Patriots fans are currently “mourning the loss” of the greatest football player to ever play in the New England era having departed.

Tom Brady won six Super Bowl rings with the Patriots, and he brought fans tons of joy, as well as a little bit of money if they took advantage of offers from places like sbobet, in his 20-year tenure with the team. But the end of his career is nearing, and he apparently wanted to experience it somewhere different, rather than the team that drafted him back in 2000.

As such, Brady took his talents to Tampa Bay, and he’ll be joining the Bucs. Fans are currently lamenting the situation, with one of them even leaving flowers and displaying posters with messages outside Brady’s TB12 Performance & Recovery Center in Boston.

Serious stuff there.

Players on the Otherhand

It’s a well-known fact that NFL players have taken pay cuts and made sacrifices just to play on the Patriots — hoping to get an opportunity to win a title, and to learn under Bill Belichick and Tom Brady — and that trend has already spread to Tampa Bay.

Brady has elected to sign with the Bucs, and now he’ll be moving there, which has prompted other players to follow suit. So, apparently, it’s not just Belichick and the Patriots organization that other NFL’ers want to play for — it’s TB12.

That will certainly help the team in terms of building up their roster, and plugging major holes. Some help on the offensive line would certainly be a good starting point, especially with the 42-year-old Brady starting under center.

But is the Deal Not What We Thought

There was a time when Tom Brady was the best player in the league, but those days are gone, and he’s now looking to show that he can still perform at a high level — without Bill Belichick.

Brady’s camp believed he was worth at least $30 million per year, but the market said otherwise, as teams such as the Raiders and 49ers appeared to have dropped out of the TB12 Sweepstakes fairly quickly, ahead of free agency.

But the Bucs did open up their checkbook, and they signed Brady earlier this week, in a deal that was reportedly for at least $30 million per year. It is — kind of — and it’s only for two years. To get $29.5 million each season, Brady would have to hit all his incentives.

There’s still a chance that Brady could play after this contract expires, with a no-trade clause and no franchise tag guarantee. He’d be 45 years old at that time.