Sports broadcaster Joe Buck and his former cheerleader wife turned sports reporter, Michelle Beisner, welcomed twins on Thursday.  They named the future hated sports broadcasters Wyatt Joseph Buck and Blake Andrew Buck.

Welcome to the world Wyatt Joseph Buck and Blake Andrew Buck. What a ride we’ve been on. Now to see you. Smell you. Snuggle you. All worth every second of it. What a gift from God. Okay, two. This is actually Joe typing this. Michelle has her hands full at the moment. Happy Birthday Lil Men…..We are so in love with you 4.26.18

I have a couple of immediate reactions to the news.  The first reaction is the one I always have when I see these two together, Michelle give us a sign that you want to escape.  The other reaction is an obvious one, I hope she had a C-section.  Can you imagine giving birth to a Buck head?   

I don’t know about you, but I’m already not a fan of these two.