If you thought former NFL player Cris Carter’s takes on football were insane, he’s got a basketball take for you.  According to the “First Things First” co-host, the Bucks are a lot better than the Warriors.

“Toronto is a matchup that would give the Warriors problems, and Milwaukee is a lot better than Golden State. I have not been convinced that in 110 minutes of basketball, that the Warriors are head and shoulders above the rest of the league, no sir.”

This can’t be what he really thinks.  If it is then there’s no need to check Carter for CTE, because he definitely has it if he thinks the Bucks are a lot better than the Warriors.

Golden State is going for their third championship in a row and their fourth in the last five.  The Greek Freak is a freak, but he’s not that freaky. 

Not to mention that it’s not a guarantee that the Bucks get past the Raptors.

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