The start of the new season is ready to go and fast approaching. First matches are scheduled to take place on the 22nd of December 2020, with a rough estimate of a July finish in 2021. Of course, as every season starts, many contemplate on who will actually take over the positions for the top spots within the standings and many will often start placing their bets from now at the best betting sports house for all the best nba odds, which provide betting predictions right to the end of the season! Of course, they will keep updating for seasonal changes, but nevertheless contenders that will shine during the season change slightly from year to year. So, we thought we would have our say on it too.

Western Conference 

Portland Trail Blazers

The offseason acquisitions that have made headlines for this team are Robert Covington, Ennis Kanter, Harry Giles and Derik Jones. The Blazers have managed to finish 8th in the Western Conference and changed from 35-39 place during 2019-20.


The outlook for 2020-21 is that The Golden State Warriors and the Mavericks will have a chance of making it into the top four spots for the season. It does make it harder being that the teams both have injuries of pretty significant players like Klay Thompson and Kristaps Porzingis. The Blazers have made up their roster from the offseason, filling it to the top with their newly secured talent. They also re-signed Carmelo Anthony and Rodney Hood, to include them in the position mixup and forward rotation of team responsibilities. Trent Jr. and Simons have grown tremendously through the season, meaning they have formed a great unit together in the coming 2020-21 season ahead. 

LA Clippers 

The offseason saw the signings of just Serge Ibaka and Luke Kennard. Their position within the previous season ranged from number 49-23 in the tables.


The outlook for 2020-21 is that Ibaka is going to be a great match for the team dynamic that the La Clipperslaker have. There will definitely be a huge change in momentum, especially since Marcus Morris was signed back again for four years. The long term possible relationship between these two key players will provide the shake up that the Clippers so much need. Kennard will take over the position that Shamet played last season, however there is possible concern for the return of the knee injury mildly throughout play. Of course, the new coach Tyronn Lue will also provide the team with that much missing spice that the team is missing. It would be good to get someone in fresh eyes and a new outlook on things. Especially since he has worked with the Clippers before as assistant coach, the chemistry should immediately match up.

Denver Nuggets 

The offseason transfers saw the arrival of the players JaMychal Green, Facundo Campazzo and R.J. Hampton. The previous position of the team was at positions 46-27 and 3d in the Western Conference, with a loss to the Lakers.


The outlook for 2020-21 provides a resigning position for the player Paul Millsap, for just one year. This will give the team an insurance to be able to play strongly within the Conference finals for the Orlando Bubble. The coach Malone has derived a unit and duo from the players Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. It is said that these two will provide the real momentum and leap they need for competition within matches. Porter and Bol are without a doubt talents and huge contributors to the Nuggets. They should find the source of their power and use it to really help the Nuggets power through the new season respectfully. Of course, with time we will see how accurate our thoughts actually pan out in the end.

Los Angeles Lakers 

The offseason transfers include Dennis Schroder, Montrezi Harell, Marc Gasol and Wesley Matthews. They finished within the tables 52-19 and defeated Miami in the finals of the Western Conference.


The outlook for 2020-21 Lakers, provides actual seeing what Pelinka’s additions contributed will bring to the team. Lebron will make sure that these key pieces are integrated into the team unit and make sure there is a flow. Lebrons contract as well as Anthony Davis is nothing to worry about. The kicker of the season, will identify exactly what is to be figured out, in addition to the actual position rotation of the team. The absence of Rahon Rondon will make sure that Frank the coach will definitely be busy in the beginning weeks of the season. However, many are confident that the lakers are pretty high above the beginning competition that is presented with this coming season. Time will supposedly tell wont it? 

Eastern Conference

Milwaukee Bucks 

The offseason transfers include Jrue Holiday, Bobby Portis and Augustine. They finished 56-17 and lost to Miami in the semi finals.


The outlook for 2020-21 being that they have received an upgrade for their point guard (Augustinr and Holiday) they should figure out their issues they previously had for playoffs. New transfer Portis will provide a new aggressive element to gameplay especially for paint scoring. Giannis provides the stability and the organisation needed within the team to progress this season. In addition to this Mike’s effectiveness as coach will also be judged, for the entire season. This season we will have much optimism for the effect and stand that Giannis provides alone as a single player. There is much to be expected from him. There has been an inspiring confidence gained from the combinations of Giannis, Holiday and Middleton. This should be more than enough to keep these contenders making headlines for the next foreseeable games and seasons to come.


Brooklyn Nets

The offseason transfers include Jeff Green and Landry Shamet. Their finish for 2019-20 was 35-37 and they lost to Toronto in the first round of the Estern Conference.


The outlook for 2020-21 is a very positive outlook indeed. Kevin Durant has returned from his injuries and is ready to combine his ferociousness. This also included the combination of the coaching members D’Antoni and Stoudemire. The team will be taking up huge expectations and embracing large ambitions-which they can handle of course. We all will be interested in seeing how well Durant comes back to court in terms of his return since the Achilles injury. Will he return to his peak, or will it take a little time to actually get there? That is the question. The Nets have however managed to withhold their reputation for the best punch 1-2, provided by Durant and Irving. Time will tell, but we all have some big expectations, no doubt. 

Miami Heat

The offseason transfers include Moe Harkless, Avery Bradley and Precious Achiuwa. Their finish for 2019-20 was 44-29 and they lost to Los Angeles Lakers in the finals of the Estern Conference.


The outlook for 2020-21 is that the players signed Bradley and Moe, will most definitely provide the defense that Heat need to progress strongly. They are highly underrated for their offense however. The rookie Achiuwa will in turn provide some serious depth as he is heavily involved in this season’s roster. We also see the return of the players Butler and Adebayo, after signing a five-year contract to remain with the team. Other players such as Herro, Robinson, Iguodala, Nunn have resigned, with Dragic leading the way ahead. There will always be that temptation to move Heat ahead of the Bucks and with the confidence brought by coach Erik Spoelstra, it may as well be very possible indeed. He too should also feel comfortable with the fact the team has grown and worked with him and made things flow very simply for him. There has been huge growth from the first camp of training, where Butler executed play into the final season game previously.

Boston Celtics

The offseason transfers include Tristan Thomspon, Aaron Nesmith and Jeff Teague. Their finish for 2019-20 was 48-24 and they lost in the conference finals to Miami.


The outlook for 2020-21 is that the Celtics have come across bubbles playing through Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, Marcus Smart, amongst a few others. This provides some defensive skill to the team, and allows the rebounding which Kanter did not provide. Teague brings great improvement as a backup in that sense. In addition to this, Grant Williams is performing very well with the bubble strategy too. The whole purpose however is to see the improvement of the players Edwards, Williams and Langford. The Celtics need them to rise to the occasion and really bring it. By adding Nesmith, this will provide depth for a shooter as needed. There are huge depth issues that need to be addressed, yet the team really are undeniably a core power and focus that have accomplished a lot as it is. Being that Tatum and Brown are there in the prime of their own careers, we can say this team should really go onwards and upwards, as moth athletes want and do within the peak of their fitness and goals.