Punters are always on the lookout to find the most competitive odds after all; this is how they can win a bigger amount on their returns, however, for people in Las Vegas, Nevada, that was never an issue. Residents here often got the best possible prices on all their potential returns and therefore saw the growth of Sin City within the betting market.

Las Vegas these days is well known for betting, with gamblers from across the globe travelling to the destination for a weekend of gambling exploits. While here, travelers would go to all the biggest casinos such as Caesars Palace, Fremont Casino, and Wynn to play slots, blackjack, and roulette. But, the modern era has changed how gambling works, and while the destination was historically the best location to ensure that punters win more, that is no longer the case.

Nowadays, Vegas odds aren’t as unique as they once were since punters can get the same prices from anywhere in the world. Regardless, it hasn’t had a significant effect on Sin City itself as punters still refer to it as the home of gambling, and millions travel there every year to have a trip of a lifetime with a chance of hitting it big. 



Las Vegas has changed dramatically since the Rat Pack were making waves across the city. Back then, this was the only place where it was legal to place wagers on sports, in addition to having some of the best casino resorts in the entire world. 

These same casinos and sportsbooks are more concerned right now than they have ever been in the past. No longer is Vegas the go-to place for visitors to go and wager some money since other states have legalized gambling. But it also isn’t the only option for natives of the area either. People don’t even need to leave the comfort of their own houses anymore as they can place any bet they wish online. The technology has had an overwhelming effect on Las Vegas, and mobile gambling has hurt here more than anywhere else.

It was once the place to go with friends and have big dreams of changing your life by winning big. But no longer does it have that same pulling factor. Those same people could instantly win big in the comfort of their own state while playing the same games as the natives in Nevada. Not just that, but the biggest factor towards winning big was the odds, and the special odds that you once got in that state aren’t as unique anymore as you can expect to find them at any reputable bookmakers, such as those found at Vegasodds.com.


Change in State Laws

One of the biggest factors to the overturn of unique odds in Vegas was the case back in 2011 when New Jersey legalized sports betting. Major sporting leagues complained about the decision to allow betting, with many NCAA sides claiming that it would be deeply damaging. However, they once again went to court looking to get the decision overturned. They once again failed, and the state reigned supreme. The ruling was seen by many as deeply damaging for Nevada, and specifically Vegas. The bookmakers that had built up a strong foundation in Nevada were now under threat by another state, and once the legislation was passed for online gambling, they began to fear more so.

Before too long, the odds were no longer unique to Vegas, as they became accessible to players from all over the country. Many that have only started gambling in the last few years would likely not have even heard of the term Vegas odds. It makes for a more competitive market, but the money being taken out of Nevada is enormous. It was once their industry, but now they only get a smaller piece of the pie with other legalized states. And that isn’t even mentioning the offshore betting accounts that moved in swiftly once it was allowed. As soon as the ruling was passed, it was as if the USA became fair game, and Nevada and Vegas suffered to that degree.


Big Vegas Odds Wins

Down the years, there have been more wins on Vegas odds then you would care to imagine. Back in 2017, during the NFL regular season, one punter nailed all five legs of a parlay bet on a stake of $8,500. The gambler watched all the action in the MGM, and once the final result of the Detroit Lions came through, he was $250,000 better off.

Those that are familiar with Dave Oancea would also be aware of his massive win in Vegas in the fall of 2015. Holly Holm went into the octagon as the underdog against the undefeated Ronda Rousey, but the Vegas resident stakes $20,000 on the underdog at odds of 11/1. The massive punt paid out as Holm shocked the world by beating Rousey, and Oancea would turn his $20,000 into $200,000. There wasn’t much method in his tactic; however, as he revealed, he would continue to bet on Rousey to lose until she did. Regardless, these two examples just highlight the amount people could win when Vegas odds were unique to the state.



The future is less clear for Vegas, in general, these days, but the extinction of unique odds in the state has had a profound effect. The state will now have to decide which way they move in and whether they will stick or twist. But, the future, for now, is out of their hands, and the punter has all the power. They can get maximum returns on all leading bookmakers’ sites and have the same access to Vegas odds worldwide.