Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen’s draft hype machine is still going strong.  It first started when out of nowhere Mel Kiper put him on the top of his draft board.

It’s now extended to a sports performance coach who claims Allen has the strongest arm to ever come through the combine.

Via PFT:

Ryan Flaherty, a sports performance coach who has worked with many of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, said on NFL Network today that Allen is unique in his arm strength. Flaherty thinks Allen can throw a football nearly 70 miles per hour, which would be the fastest ever measured at the Combine, and that Allen can throw a ball 90 yards in the air.

“Josh Allen has one of the most incredibly gifted arms I’ve seen in my life and I’ve been around a lot of quarterbacks,” Flaherty said. “He’ll break the record miles per hour here at the combine. He’ll go high 60s. I think the record’s 66 or something. I think he’ll go 69, 70 miles an hour. And just wait until his Pro Day. He’ll throw the ball 89 or 90 yards.”

He can also fly and lift large objects with his mind.  The draft Josh Allen hype machine is going to start coming up with Chuck Norris like sayings to describe Allen’s many talents.