Alabama’s national championship loss to Clemson has fans saying it’s all about the Drake “curse”

The Crimson Tide were ranked number one in the nation ahead of their college national championship game against Clemson on Monday night.

But fans sounded the alarm on social media after the notorious bandwagon-jumping sports fan posted a video of himself at the gym wearing a University of Alabama sweatshirt.

The official Alabama Twitter account reposted the vid with the message: “Get your mind right!” 

“NOOOOO!!! Everything he touches sports wise dies. Take that freaking hoodie off!!!” 

Another user posted:

“Alabama is doomed,” while one simply said: “Sigh. We all know Drake is bad luck. Stop it.”

Of course Drake has a history of backing the wrong side. 

Drake’s favorite team, Kentucky, has not won a title since 2012.

His NBA team of choice, the Toronto Raptors, have never won an NBA title, despite winning five divisional titles. 

Drake also loves him some Conor McGregor, who lost to Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov. 

Whomever Drake is a fan of, bet the opposite. 

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