“Congratulation! You’re this year’s black belt champion.” Nothing can be inspiring than these words on your first MMA challenge. Like you, every MMA first time fighter has a dream of becoming a champion. However, not everyone makes it on their first attempt.  But you can be among the few who clinch the trophy on the first fight. 

Many coaches and instructors will advise you to get the best gears from MMA Factory in Australia. Next, you need to attend the MMA gym classes. Though these aspects are vital in your victory, here are secret from past MMA champions on winning your first fight:

Have a positive mentality

No doubt, MMA is not a walk in the park. It is a game that involves several tough situations. For you to win, you must think like a winner. Winning states with having a positive mentality. Believe that you’re on the war to win not to lose. 

Many champs such as Angela Lee confirms that mental accounts for 90% in winning any MMA challenge. Hence, you need to visualize your first fight and have a winning mentality.  

Avoid internal or external pressure

Taking part in your first MMA challenge is a great opportunity. But, it can be a source of embracement. Due to the joy of participating in a fight, you may like everyone to know about it. This aspect comes with a double-edged effect. First, it is a good way to attract a crowd. 

However, it will add pressure to yourself. You’ll exalt your worries about their reaction if you lose the fight. The additional pressure will affect your training and lead to defeat. So, you need to avoid this unnecessary pressure and anxiety to become a winner. 

Stick to the rules

Like other games, MMA has its package of rules. A winner can only emerge from sticking to the set-out rules of the game. As a fighter, you need to understand various rules guiding the challenge. For instance, many MMA organizations do not allow the use of elbows. 

So, it is crucial to follow the rule strictly. It is good to note that different championships have varying rules. For this reason, you should research, learn, and understand the rules governing the championship you’ll be participating in.  

Concentrate on the game

Any action game like MMA requires total concentration. You need to pay attention to your opponent’s moves and keep track of your game plan. Hence, you need to avoid any anxiety or distractions before and during the fight. 

Your coach will help you get the necessary mental preparation before engaging in your first MMA challenge. If not, you should concentrate on researching the best ways to enhance your concentration in MMA games.

Wrapping Up

In a word, winning your first MMA fight will depend on your preparation. You need to take each training session seriously. Also, you require the right gears and tricks to knock out your opponent. Following the above secrets from MMA champions will make you a winner on that first challenge.