The Erie County Sheriff’s Office announced on Facebook that they are no longer allowing the Bills Mafia to be the Bills Mafia.  That’s right, no more “table slamming” while they tailgate before games.

9:00 A.M. – New Era Field parking lots open REMINDER Deputies will be focusing on eliminating excessive consumption of alcohol and checking for glass bottles. Also, fans and tailgaters are reminded that the Fan Code of Conduct, which promotes responsible tailgating, extends to the parking lots. Any games or activities that impeded traffic flow will not be permitted. Table Slamming is not permitted and violators will be ejected and could face criminal charges.

This is a very bad idea by whoever decided to implement it.  Bills fans have almost nothing else to look forward to.  If their tailgating traditions are taken from them the entire franchise could crumble.

Throwing each other through tables is the glue that holds Bills fans together.  As a football fan I hope the Bills and the Erie County Sheriff’s Office decide to scrap this new plan before it’s too late.  We all need the Bills Mafia doing Bills Mafia things.  

Read the the full list of rules they plan on putting in place this weekend.