Props to Busted Coverage for uncovering the identity of the Florida fan who went viral on Saturday when the Gators beat Mississippi State.  She caught the cameraman’s eye with her “chomp” top.  Her name is Kelsie Faulkner and according to BC she’s a licensed cosmetologist:

I received a DM this morning from a very solid source and it read, “The internet has found Florida girl from the game the other night in case you need it.” Her name: Kelsie Faulkner. That’s the report from the internet. They say she’s the Florida girl who stole all of your hearts while being whispered to by Crocodile Dundee during the Mississippi State game.

Now we’re told Kelsie is the young lady you guys were going nuts over. What do we know about Kelsie? Her bio reads: “Licensed Cosmetologist & Certified Lash Artist(.)”

The internet can be a great thing.  As you would expect these days, Kelsie has a pretty good social media game.