With celebrity and fame comes responsibility, and that holds all the more for NBA superstars that have and continue to rule the world of sports. There’s no doubt that gossip adds a bit of spice to everyday life, and when they involve celebrities, the excitement goes up a few notches. Always in awe of their superstardom, it is common for fans to forget that these sporting champions are very much human like us. They make mistakes and often do silly things like any other person on the planet. On the other hand, it is also heart-warming to see stars go that extra step and make a positive impact based on their achievements, both in terms of fame and money.

There exists a give and take synergy when it comes to celebrities, including NBA superstars. However, because they are followed and covered in the media so much, sometimes the most basic of gestures become big news, while at other times, necessary actions go unnoticed. On the court, it is easy to analyse their play which reflects in their team’s performance and the NBA power rankings. Similarly, off the court, no matter what they do, everything is scrutinised by the media and the public to its minutest detail. NBA stars have a permanent spotlight on them, and it is always interesting to see how their personal and professional lives collide and end up in the news.

Spida Kicks

Donavan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz got the nickname “Spida” when a fellow teammate’s father started calling him that. Also, when you are the “Rookie of the Year” you make it a point to cash in on anything you can get your hands on, particularly special edition kicks that carry your nickname. In the act of marketing brilliance, Mitchell sent a pair of his trademark kicks to the “real” Spiderman, Tom Holland, before the opening of his new movie. The next thing you know, Tom is thanking Mitchell on social media and the kicks are now viral and high in demand.    

That $1 Mil Cheque

LeBron James had not had it easy when he announced the stating of his experimental school in Akron, Ohio. The initial few months had quite a few naysayers believing that the school was heading towards failure. However, student results after the first year have been spectacular. The I Promise School is now turning dreams into reality with more and more students making the most of its infrastructure and teachings. However, LeBron didn’t just start school and forget about it. He recently presented the institution with a $1 Mil cheque that will go towards the building of a gym. Not only will it provide excellent indoor sports facilities to the students, but also promises to be an after-school activity centre.     

Return of Rodman

When it comes to NBA Hall of Famers, Dennis Rodman seems to pop up in the news sooner or later. He had a dynamic career in basketball and continues to be equally eccentric even now. So, it came as a surprise when he was accused, along with some of his friends, of stealing clothes and items from a yoga studio. While Rodman claims his innocence, the whole event is on CCTV. The matter is still under investigation, but it’s a sad day when legends are involved in such occurrences.