Yesterday was a historic day in the sports world, a day that will forever be ingrained in the minds of basketball fans everywhere, Michael Jordan announced two simple words, “I’m back,” on March 18th, 1995. 

Do you remember where you were when Michael announced those two famous words? This was a magical time in sports, where there was a living breathing GOAT coming back to once again dominate the NBA. I remember that day, one of the most exciting feelings I’ve ever had as a sports fan. 

I think at that time Fax machines were en vogue, and this was the fax that came thru all the media outlets fax machines. That was a fantastic fax. You just don’t hear that anymore. A simpler time indeed.  

Check out more of Michael Jordan’s 1995 comeback as told through news reports. After an 18-month retirement to play baseball, Michael Jordan returned to the NBA. What a great day! The rest is history. 

  Michael Jordan Press Conference | 03-19-1995