Former NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen is the king of the greatest nickname of all time. The QB known for his weight,  although he’s working on shedding pounds with The Jared LorenzenProject,  has been called the Hefty Lefty,  

Now the hefty lefty is trying to shed the pounds, and doing so on the net. Here’s his mission statement below: 

The Jared Lorenzen Project has partnered with The Now Lets Get Fit Foundation to create a platform to combat obesity and instill health and wellness. It was created to aide its community of participants in making fitness and nutrition a lifestyle through community fitness and nutritional events.

The page will also introduce The Jared Challenge, an exercise and nutritional platform that will deliver a series of workout, nutritional, and healthy lifestyle tips for communities that are affected by obesity. These resources and materials will be accessible and easy to follow for all walks of life, bringing the challenge to your front door with Jared leading the way.

During Jared’s lifestyle transformation he will be followed and documented by film for his documentary project where he will open up his life. Here he will share some behind the scene clips of his journey.

Donation and sponsorship proceeds will benefit the program by way of community events and resources that will enable us to not only deliver our mission to combat obesity but to develop and introduce more programs that will assist in the fight. Your donation can change the lives and mindset of millions who have suffered from the negative effects of obesity.

Check out some videos of Jared sharing his journey below, man he really got big. Hopefully he can lose some weight. He was always great to watch play football. Something about a guy hi size playing QB was always entertaining.