The “Inside the NBA” crew decided to do the the Choco Challenge.  The challenge is to attempt to eat chocolate that has the Black Reaper pepper in it.

Shaq, who was in on the hot chip challenge back in November of 2017, announced he doesn’t mess with the Black Reaper pepper and he decided to pay others to attempt the challenge.  He instead offered a member of the crew, behind the camera, $1,000 to eat do the challenge.  He doubled it after the guy ate the chocolate with little reaction.

Jason Terry decided to get in on the action and pocket $2,000 for his charity.  He learned very quickly that the Choco Challenge was no joke.

From the looks of it, $2,000 isn’t nearly enough money to attempt the challenge.  You have to keep in mind that what burns going in, burns going out.

Confirmed, no joke.

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