An executive at NBC Sports thought he had a bright idea. He was dead wrong. 

For its Wednesday Night Rivalry game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Rangers, the network decided to have actress Susan Sarandon join Pierre McGuire for ‘Inside the Glass,’ as well as for interviews in pre-game and first intermission.

Wait, wha? Yes, the actress Susan Sarandon. It didn’t go very well.

Via the New York Daily:  

During a pregame chat, McGuire asked Sarandon to compare Kevin Costner and Mark Messier, and she dubbed both of them “sexy” and “leaders.”

Late in the period, NBCSN showed a photo Sarandon tweeted in 2016 of a Vesey Street sign during Jimmy Vesey’s free agency sweepstakes from that summer. Sarandon was among several celebrities tweeting at Vesey to entice him to come to New York. “Did it work? Well, there you go,” Sarandon said.

Here’s a summary of Susan Sarandon below, what do you think? 

Don’t quit your day job Susan, or if you’re retired, just watch hockey, don’t get in the mix.