If there is something important to know about the NFL is that the moment when a team is going to get a new coach is very important. With so many candidates available, NFL fans are always eager to know which top coaches are getting picked for each team, and more than anything, people are dying to know who will be the final pick. There are only 32 spots available for NFL coaches so therefore, the opportunities for getting picked are slim.

When it comes to picking a new coach, the Detroit Lions are next in line and the most curious of fans are turning to sportsbook researchers and odds makers to not only get in on the action but to see if they can’t get a window into the direction the Lions are going to go.

With their upcoming final season, it seems that Darrell Bevell seems like one of the top candidates. Nevertheless, the answer is still unknown, not only because the candidate is yet to be picked, but also because there are a couple of factors that the new coach in charge will need to focus on with the Detroit Lions.

A Coach To Strengthen Their Weaknesses

For instance, the Detroit Lions are claimed to be quite weak on their defense and therefore they need to increase their level of performance. This is a well-documented fact that comes from odds makers who frequently set the Lions up for a loss on defensive statistics across the board.  Whoever gets picked, as their new coach is someone that needs to focus on this and preferably have some experience with a previous team that is strong in defense.

The main aspect here is that whoever ends up getting the coach spot, will determine how much will the Detroit Lions defense change. Either there will be a big change and an entire defense reconstruction, or maybe the new coach will focus on other aspects of the team. Nevertheless, the new coach decision is important as it determines the strength of the team.

Suitable Options

Jan 3, 2021; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Detroit Lions defensive end Nick Williams (97) is helped off the field by medical staff against the Minnesota Vikings during the second quarter at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Although Darrell Bevelll is being interviewed for the new coach position, he isn’t the only one being considered. Another viable option that is being interviewed by the Detroit Lions is Scott Pioli. Pioli might just be the ideal pick for the team and would be a welcome addition from fans that enjoy the legal and legitimate betting that’s available in Michigan.  Based on previous standings, Pioli would make a significant difference in the teams overall odds for victory.

This NFL executive has experience on the field for over 27 years. He was once the vice president for the New England Patriots and therefore his experience speaks highly of himself. Although fans seem really excited that he is getting considered, he has been one of the people interviewed for the job among other seven finalists. Some of the final candidates are known as Kyle O’Brien, Louis Riddick, Rick Smith, Rob Lohman, among others.

Detroit’s History

The main reason why fans seem very excited for a new coach is that the history of the Detroit Lions doesn’t seem very good when it comes to their previous coach. Although the Lion’s fan base has always been loyal regardless of their outcome, people are still expecting a great coach to come in and finally lead the Lions to the Super Bowl. Given that if there is something that everyone knows is that the Detroit Lions is in the list of the four NFL teams that have never appeared at the Super Bowl, therefore the hunt for a new coach continues.