The UEFA European Football Championship 2024 is the European professional football championship that is also known as Euro 2024, and it will be the 17th edition of this competition. Germany will be the official host of the Euro 2024, and in this case this will be the second time the country will host the competition after hosting it in the year 1988.

Euros is a historical competition that was founded in 1960, the year that the first European Nations’ Cup took place in France. The first championship was topped by the Soviet Union that in the final outplayed Yugoslavia with the score of 2-1. For many years, the Euros have been a platform for the best national teams and many players from Europe to compete on the international stage. Seasons like the 1984, with Michel Platini, the 1988 with Marco van Basten, and the 2000 with Zinedine Zidane are examples of how the tournament has witnessed some of its all-time greats leading their countries to European triumph.

Euros 2024 will consist of 24 teams and this was a new change from the previous year where only 16 teams were in the competition. France are the current champions, having defeated Iceland to win their second UEFA EURO title in 2016 in France. Other traditional groups such as the Germans, Spanish and the Italians will be among the main contenders for the Henri Delaunay Trophy in 2024.

The current generation of players selected for Euro 2024 is enriched with superstars who perform in the top football leagues. Expected players include France’s Kylian Mbappé, probably the most thrilling football talent in the contemporary world today. Other fierce personalities such as England’s Harry Kane, Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne, and Poland’s Robert Lewandowski will be eager to showcase their talents the following year. In the defensive position, the Dutch player, Virgil van Dijk, and the Austrian player, David Alaba, will head their teams’ respective backlines.

With Germany putting its signature to Euro 2024, the stage is set to set high expectations and enthusiasm for the 30-day football celebration. Some of Europe’s behemoths appear poised to fight for the crown but other teams, which one may not expect to be so, can also upset the expected strength balance. Still, everyone is looking forward to an exciting summer to have a glimpse of the beautiful game at its best.